The new collection of Boucheron

Boucheron house celebrates its anniversary this year: exactly 161 years ago Frenchman Frederic Boucheron opened the first jewelry workshop in the heart of Paris. Now the creative Director of the brand is Claire Choisne, and she devoted the new collection to nature and its endless inspiration.

Jewelers of the house created a unique series. For some decorations petals of fresh flowers were used. Jewelry processing is a closely guarded secret. Peonies, anemones, violets and hydrangeas were used in the work on the collection. The petals were glued to the titanium with a special composition and covered with a matte finish for durability.


Jewelry was supplemented with natural precious stones, each of which was selected individually for the color of the petals. For example, rose Equatorial ring Rouge is decorated with garnet. And Sophie pink-rubellite, and Apemipe Meron Bordeaux-purple sapphire.


The collection also includes elegant earrings, as well as massive rings, and elegant watches and bracelets with floral motifs.