Nail art 2021: the best trends and ideas

A neat manicure is the best proof of well-groomed female hands. And the most attractive nails will give a fashionable nail art. Trending new nail art 2021 will allow all girls to find something unique and special.

The combination of matte varnish and sequins is another new idea for 2021.  And the more original and unusual combinations are used, the more interesting and unusual the result will be.

Fashion trends 2021

The best nail art options are waiting for us in 2021. They will be even more incredible and refined.

The new directions of nail art also include:

  •  the fashionable design “eye see you”, which is a drawing of eyes, portraits, and faces. 

  • An interesting solution will be nails with geometric patterns. In addition, they go well with different bows.

  • The combined design. The trend means for nail art are considered to be foil and crystals, rhinestones and rub-in. If you trust a trusted master, your manicure will not be equal.


Nude manicure – light, gives confidence and makes the image more romantic. This composition looks good on both short and long nails.

A polka dot print on a nude background also looks great.

Floral manicure

Peony buds or cherry blossoms, various cacti, flowers and leaves – such drawings look especially impressive on the nails.

Such a cute and feminine manicure will be relevant for the entire 2021 year.

Reverse French

The classic solution for your nails is a scarlet color with a colorless lunula. It looks laconic. 

The lunula is also unusual, if you perform it with the help of sequins or foil. Silver or gold together with red is always a good idea.

The reverse French manicure is decorated with openwork paintings, making the manicure even more attractive.

Melted chrome nail powder

Nail art  with nail powder is not comparable to any other in the field of nail industry. The mirror effect on the nails gives a pleasant shine and iridescence of all colors of the rainbow. And who can resist such a bright and stylish nail art?

Matte manicure

A matte manicure looks sophisticated and stylish. They complement it with different drawings and decorations. It looks very cool on short and sharp nails. But it is worth remembering that for short nails, deeper shades are ideal. But gentle and pastel will be the best solution for long nails.

Leopard print

A very fashionable and bold solution in 2021 is a leopard manicure. So nail art is spectacular and at the same time fascinating. It is harmonious and versatile, and a neat execution is possible with a thin brush.

Fade-out nail art

Among the stylish solutions of nail art 2021, you can see the Fade-out. This solution is well suited for a wedding, birthday or any other holiday or event.

The Fade-out perfectly combines with the latest techniques, creating a unique type of manicure with a stretch of color. This manicure looks very impressive with a perfect glossy finish.