The 5 best vitamins for hair growth

When choosing vitamins for hair growth, pay attention to the composition. Good products should contain all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances.

For healthy, shiny hair, you need:

Vitamin A-is responsible for strengthening the hair and prevents dandruff;

B vitamins-promote the growth, density of hair and give it a brighter color;

Vitamin E-provides Shine and smoothness;

Vitamin C-nourishes the hair and activates its growth.

Collagen UP

Natural marine collagen is a building protein. They are responsible for the elasticity of various tissues. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronate) helps to retain moisture in the cells, preventing over-drying of the tissues.


Biotin is involved in many processes in the body. It is important for the nervous system, necessary for hair, skin, nails.

Lack of vitamin negatively affects appearance and well-being. Taking medications with Biotin-prevention of hair loss, breakage, problems with nails, and skin.
Taking medications with Biotin is relevant for people suffering from seborrheic dermatitis or having problems with brittle and hair loss.

Super Collagen C

Included in Super Collagen + C includes collagen, which is involved in the construction of almost all tissues.

It is responsible for firmness and elasticity. Taking a Supplement with collagen helps to solve the problem of hair breakage more effectively.
Vitamin C, the main antioxidant, will help fight the first signs of aging. The product is suitable for strengthening hair, skin, and nails.

It helps fight fatigue and stress.

Solgar Vitamin E

Solgar Vitamin E supplies the body with a whole complex of Tocopherols. It contains 4 isomers of vitamin E, which makes the product as effective as possible. The manufacturer offers a different dosage from 100 to 400 IU-this allows you to choose the best product for each case.

  • moisturizes hair and skin;
  • natural composition;
  • convenient package.

Bayer Priorin

Priorin – multivitamins for hair from the German manufacturer Bayer. 

It is based on three active components:

  • Wheat extract takes care of damaged areas. 
  • L-cysteine helps the formation of collagen. 
  • Pantothenic acid retains moisture in the hair, making it elastic.

This composition nourishes and restores weakened curls at the cellular level. The first result is noticeable after a month of taking it.