Hairstyles for every day in 15 minutes: easy and fast

Hairstyle for every day in 15 minutes – it’s real. Various variations of bundles and braids are made simply, look original and impressive.  To create them, only elastic bands and hairpins are required.

Stylish voluminous tail

Everyone’s favorite tail, but not quite the usual one.

  • Before you collect your hair in a ponytail, you can do a little comb at the roots. Secure your hair with a good elastic band.
  • Divide the tail into parts, add a rubber band at the top, retreating about 5 cm.
  • Now make a small hole in the center and stretch the lower part of the hair. Again add the rubber band at the same distance, in this new upper part, and repeat until you reach the end.
  • Fluff a little strands to give them volume, secure the tail with a transparent elastic band.

Beautiful hairstyle with collected hair in 2 minutes

This hairstyle is ideal for medium-length hair, although it can also be done for long hair.

  • Make a ponytail at the bottom, but do not comb your hair smoothly.
  • When you make the last turn with the elastic band, leave some hair like a bun, and wrap this hair around the elastic band and back through it.
  • You will spend two minutes creating this beautiful hairstyle, it will perfectly fit many everyday images.


This is a very light version of the braid, it is woven easily and quickly.

  • You can slightly comb the roots for extra volume. Make a low tail on the side.
  • Secure the tail with an elastic band. Take a thin strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic band and back (secure the tip with an invisible clip).
  • Divide the tail into two parts. Then take a thin strand of hair from the outer part to the inner part and drag it to the first part. Then add to the other side of the second part. 
  • In the end, secure the pigtail with a thin transparent elastic band. Can be a bit fluff tail, making it three-dimensional.

Hairstyle for long hair in 2 minutes

This hairstyle can be done on straight hair and curls:

  • Take a small strand of hair on both sides above the ears. 
  • Cross these strands and tie them on top of your head.
  • To prevent the strands from falling apart, secure them with invisible.

Beautiful braid on loose hair

This hairstyle looks great on both bob and long hair.

  • Comb your hair, you can give them a little volume or make light curls.
  • Make an oblique parting, a separate part of the hair along the growth line, as in the photo below.
  • Braid a French braid (on the side where there is more hair from the parting), secure with a transparent elastic band, and hide the end of the pigtail under the hair with the help of invisible.

Hairstyle with collected hair

A simple and elegant hairstyle that can be easily repeated at home:

  • Make a low ponytail and secure it well with an elastic band.
  • Above the elastic band, make space and stretch the hair from the tail into it. Place your finger and twist it around (see the photo below). Repeat until you have twisted all the hair.
  • So that the hairstyle does not fall apart, fix it with hairpins and invisible.

Pigtail Bun

A quick bun that can be done in a few minutes is the perfect hairstyle for the office and business style:

  • Comb your hair back and make a ponytail, just do not make it smooth.
  • From the tail, braid a voluminous pigtail, fluff it a little and secure it with a thin silicone elastic band.
  • Twist the pigtail into a bun and secure it with hairpins.