Pageant dresses 2019 2020

As you know, fashion doesn’t standstill. Every year she offers all new models of dresses, with an interesting combination of textures, finishes, and cut. In 2019-2020 we are waiting for a lot of feminine styles that move clothes in unisex style. The main trend is the exquisite femininity.

Fashionable dress

The main trend of dresses 2019 2020 is feminine silhouettes. Dresses can be as clearly sitting on the figure of hard fabric and light, flowing with lots of draperies, folds, flounces. But still, soft flowing lines dominate.

Fabrics used in sewing dresses 2019 2020: velvet, satin, and silk, lace, guipure, organza, jeans, leather, tweed, knitwear.

For finishing are actively used: fur, lace, braid, embroidery, draperies, flounces, beads, brushes and fringe and other decorative elements.

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Details cut dresses 2019 2020:

  • Cuts. It can be located both on the hem of the product and on the sleeves.
  • Neckline, covered with lace.
  • Asymmetrical hem.
  • Open shoulders.
  • Sheer sleeves. It can be made of organza in small polka dots, lace, plain chiffon or with a small floral print.
  • Flounces, ruffles, ruffles.
  • Inserts of lace, chiffon, guipure and mesh, leather and fur. One dress can meet several types of inserts.


Fashionable colors  2019

A variety of colors will harmoniously complement your image this year. Some colors can be identified as particularly relevant. Fashionable colors will be pastel shades, all shades of pink, khaki, mustard, turquoise, olive, lilac, red, silver and gold.

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Fashion prints 2019 2020

  • Floral and floral prints. Especially popular fabric with a scattering of red colors on black, dark blue and milky white background.
  • Geometric prints. Most often, the strip cell and the diamonds. Less often small abstract pattern. Strict geometric print can be played with soft flowing factors that form draperies.
  • Pea. It can be as usual, in our understanding of peas, scattered on a paid basis of black or white, and trendy peas on transparent organza.  
  • Jacquard patterns. It can be the substrate color, and contrast.