Skin Care 2019

Systematic care of the skin of the body and hands will preserve its elasticity, smoothness, avoid the appearance of ugly stretch marks, wrinkles or age spots. It is necessary to apply a nourishing cream, use special tools, massage, simple exercises. Easy peeling with home masks will protect it from dryness, peeling, give a radiant look. Gentle, elastic and taut skin of the whole body emphasizes youth, healthy appearance, and beauty of any woman. It is very important to take care of it properly, use a variety of tools, do special exercises.

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Best skincare 

There are several important rules that any woman should follow strictly. They relate to the hygiene of the skin, maintaining its purity, the use of various means and performing gymnastics.

Here are some important tips for body care to maintain skin elasticity, maintain its smoothness:

  • every day to cleanse the skin in the shower using gels, scrubs, foams, and the suitable type;
  • it is necessary to perform massage, stroking, kneading or pinching certain parts of the body;
  • apply the cream should be in the morning and evening, watching its shelf life, composition;
  • to maintain elasticity, you need to perform special exercises to help get rid of cellulite, sagging skin;
  • the daily menu should include protein foods, vegetable and fruit dishes, meat or fish, cereals;
  • good influence has bath procedures, swimming, sports, walking.

Skincare should start with morning exercises, contrast shower, not forgetting the use of nourishing cream, milk.

Skincare routine for dry skin  

The greatest trouble to well-groomed women at any time of the year is the dry skin on the back of the palms, reddened from the cold, coarsened from garden work fingers with calluses and cracks. Proper care of dry skin helps to avoid these annoying manifestations, soften it, moisturize and give tenderness touch.

The complex of care activities must include:

  • Proper washing, cleaning of dirt.
  • Massage of wrists, palms, fingers.
  • Application of fat or nourishing cream, moisturizing.

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Here are the main recommendations for getting rid of dry skin on your hands:

  • while washing your hands with soap or gel, you should do a light massage, stroking the skin with soft movements;
  • apply the cream only after complete drying of the skin, so it is better absorbed;
  • in the cold you need to wear gloves, lubricate the palm of a protective cream;
  • long keep hands in the water is not recommended;
  • the cream should be greasy, nourishing or moisturizing, day and night.

Best skincare line

Skincare on such delicate, delicate areas as the neck and chest, requires compliance with certain rules. Here are the most basic:

  • massage with warm hands is necessary, but it is forbidden to stretch, pinch and mash the skin;
  • during washing in the shower you need to use only gel, exfoliating scrubs and peels for the breast are not used;
  • be sure to gently dry the neck, chest with a towel, then apply a greasy moisturizer or nourishing cream, milk;
  • massage movements should be stroking, shower-contrast;
  • once a week you can make a moisturizing mask using purchased products or natural recipes from herbs, products, oils;
  • be sure to wear a comfortable bra, avoid pressure, tight clothes, stiff collars.

How to get rid of loose skin?

The skin on the abdomen isn’t as tender as on the face or chest. It is more elastic, able to stretch strongly during pregnancy. Because of this, many women appear stretch marks, sagging, scars. Care for the skin of the abdomen should be performed, guided by the following rules:

  • strong loss or weight gain leads to skin stretching, it’s sagging, it is necessary to monitor the body weight, lose weight gradually;
  • pregnant ladies need to use special creams, wear a bandage, belt;
  • in the shower you need to do belly massage, using scrubs, ointments on herbs, masks with clay, sea salt, honey;
  • massage movements should be painless, tingling, rubbing, Ironing should be clockwise, collecting the skin in the folds;
  • anti-cellulite or drainage gels help to warm up the skin, remove excess fluid from the cells;
  • it is necessary to take a contrast shower, apply the cream from the stretch marks, rub stomach with a hand towel or massage MITT, brush.