Professional makeup brush set

Today’s girl is unimaginable to create a perfect image without professional cosmetics. However, do not forget about the tools with which it is applied – makeup brushes. With their help, you can achieve the perfect shading or clear fine lines. In this article, we will help you to understand how to choose the right makeup brushes? What for? And how to extend their service life?

Purpose and varieties

Brushes for modern make — up differ from each other on several points. You can not take one, and she put a tonal basis, after, powder and blush, as often did our mothers in their youth. Modern make-up industry distinguishes brushes by the so-called” areas of responsibility ” for applying makeup to the face, eyes, eyebrows, and lips. In addition, an important role is played by the material of manufacture – natural or synthetic pile. The latter is best used when wet face sculpting. Natural brushes work better with dry and powdery textures.

Professional makeup brush set

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So, brushes for face, which and how many should I have?

To create a perfectly smooth leather, of course, is not enough one brush. If you want to learn the art of beautiful makeup, the cosmetic bag should be at least three. One should be flat, made of synthetic material, and two fluffy natural pile for applying powder and blush. Of course, this set will help to create an easy day look. If you want to use bronzer, highlighter, then you need to expand your set of tools.

  1. Brush for applying a tonal framework or cream. This is the basis of modern makeup, so get a synthetic flat brush. It will help the cream texture as gently and gently blend them even in the most inaccessible places where the sponge just can not cope.
  2.  A synthetic baby with a flat base is similar to a brush for applying a tonal base, but it is used for the local application of concealer. Fingers to achieve such a perfect blending of the dense texture of the concealer will work except that of a professional.
  3. Moderately wide, not quite fluffy with natural pile is suitable for applying loose powder. Many girls make a mistake in the operation of such a brush starting to “stretch” the powder on the face. As a result, not getting a natural stone, and oiled cream and other previously applied funds. Be sure to apply the powder foundation in a light patting motions.
  4.  Since manufacturers of blush don’t stand still, coming up with new textures for blush. Then it’s time to diversify the tools with which you can select cheekbones.

– for applying cream blush;

– for loose blush

What is the difference? First, the cream blush brush has a synthetic pile that allows you to economically and evenly distribute them across the face. For dry-natural and maybe as slightly beveled and classic shape;

  •  A small wide brush with a flat, even edge is used for contouring with dark blush. This brush you can easily make the shape of the spout more accurate, raise and highlight the line of the cheekbones, reduce the chin. For this type of contouring use gray-brown shades of dry blush.   
  • Kabuki brush. Perhaps the most famous. It is easy to learn on a wide, long pile and soft ground. This brush will be the perfect assistant for shading bronzer. But don’t forget to apply bronzer this brush is also needed in soft circular movements, so the previous layers don’t shift.

 Eye makeup brushes

In order to not just apply shadows, but also to get the very professional effect you will need a flat slightly fluffy brush. Choose an average size, so you can achieve the most optimal transition and careful application.

Brush-barrel has a rounded shape. With its help, the eyes become wide open. Villi it is not too soft and short, for accurate application of shadows and prevent them from shedding.

Thin with a pointed edge brush, more like a pencil will help to apply to the eyelid creamy texture eyeliner. Thanks to the synthetic pile, it gains a clearly necessary amount of money and creates an arrow from ultra-thin to bright and expressive. The thickness depends on your push.

Always up-to-date” smoky eyes ” will help to create such a fluffy baby. Brush for shading with longer and softer villi will help to make the transitions as smooth as possible and create the effect of smoky makeup.

Eyebrow brushes

None of the images will be complete without a beneficial accentuated eyebrow line. Even if by nature You have thick and rich eyebrows, they need to give form. Creating an eyebrow line involves using two brushes. The first (brush-comb) to create the direction of the hairs, and the second (with villi medium stiffness) to fill the color and shading.

Lipstick brush

In today’s world, the girl simply can’t allow a quick “wave” lipstick and go to an important event. Resistance to lip makeup and its accuracy depends not only on the quality of lipstick but also the tool of its application. A good brush should be with dense villi, beveled edge, and necessarily medium width. Thanks to it, you don’t need to apply a contour pencil, and the texture will be evenly and gently.


If you once invest in the purchase of quality brushes, they will serve more than one year. The main course is cared for properly and stored.

  1. When the brush comes into contact with the skin surface, particles of the Horny layer of the skin can remain on the villi, which is an ideal environment for the development of bacteria. Therefore, it must be washed and dried thoroughly, about once a week.
  2. In order to preserve the freshness and safety of the brushes, it is worth buying a special spray that will help to disinfect and prevent the development of pathogenic microflora. They need to spray the pile after each use.
  3. In no case do not dry the brushes in an upright position. It is enough to put the washed tools on a dry clean towel in a ventilated place.

Proper storage of brushes will also help to extend their service life. Just a few simple rules and villi will remain smooth and your makeup flawless.


Makeup Brush Set

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 – the manufacturer took care of the storage of the produced tool inventing a lot of cases, boxes and even belts for them. Each brush has its own storage cell and does not get dirty or deformed.

Using this knowledge, you can easily recognize the brush and apply makeup no worse than a makeup artist, while properly care for, and store your tools.