Beauty secrets

Beauty of the face isn’t only a perfect tone, fashionable make – up and concealment of imperfections by means of tonal bases, BB-or CC-creams. This is a consistent system of care, the right choice of care products and procedures aimed at maintaining the health of the skin. We offer you the secrets of beauty, following which you can achieve a well-groomed radiant skin.


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Sometimes ladies abuse cosmetics. Indeed, new products for facial beauty appear almost every day, and it’s very tempting to try them all. However, it should be remembered that in all good measures, and in the care of the beauty of the face including. Our skin needs rest, so it isn’t necessary at every opportunity to put on the face of another cosmetic product, thinking that the more they will be, the more benefit you bring to your beauty.

So, for example, the abuse of scrubs and exfoliating compounds can harm the structure of the skin, violate its barrier function. So don’t be surprised if after frequent use of peelings and scrubs your skin will react with dryness and peeling.

The secrets of beauty for fair and salon procedures. Of course, modern cosmetology offers a large number of very effective procedures that give a quick and pronounced effect. Another thing is how often you will do these procedures. If you don’t listen to the recommendations of the beautician, and do them much more often than required, in the long term it can lead to depletion of skin resources.


Face care

The beauty of the face is achieved not so much by this or that beauty product, how much thoughtful consistent care. In this regard, the sample can be taken Asian care scheme, where each tool is applied in a strict sequence. The product that you apply first should have a lighter consistency. For example, it may be a serum. The densest and thick means apply at the last stage.

Perhaps nothing is more damaging to the beauty of the skin, such as insufficient cleaning of the decorative cosmetics. Make-up should be one of the most important procedures of your daily care. Decorative cosmetics, especially if it is bad to wash off, can clog pores and cause acne, so choose a suitable cleansing scheme for yourself, and always follow it. For example, it can be an Asian cleansing system, especially if you use BB creams, then you will be suitable for cleansing, including the use of hydrophilic oil and foam for washing. The secret of the beauty of much ladies-micellar water for cleansing the face. Remember that the use of micellar water for make-up must necessarily end with washing or wiping the skin with a damp cotton pad, which will allow you to wash off the remnants of cosmetics.


Getting rid of dead cells is also necessary for the beauty of the skin. If you pay enough attention to the exfoliating procedures, the surface of the epidermis will become uneven, the pores will clog, and this, in turn, can lead to acne. The beauty of the skin is achieved by using peels at home and salon treatments.

What type of peeling to choose depends on individual preferences. It can be mechanical peels as well as chemical peels. The latter is used more often, because they do not scrape off the stratum corneum of the epidermis, and dissolve it. Chemical peels are based on alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). The most common peels with glycolic and lactic acid.

The second-softer, not only helps cleanse the epidermis of dead particles, but also moisture. Another variety – peels with beta-hydroxy acids (BHA), “leader” among which can be called salicylic acid, which is able to dissolve sebum inside the pores.

Finally, the third category includes enzymes or enzymes – the most gentle types of peeling. The most popular enzymes are bromelain extracted from pineapple fruits, as well as papain extracted from papaya fruits.


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The secret of successful exfoliation of the stratum corneum lies in the alternation of beauty products with acids and enzymes. So, at home, you can regularly do surface peeling, in the salon-deep, which will refresh the complexion, align the skin relief, smooth wrinkles and skin defects.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet-this is perhaps the most important secret of beauty. No cosmetics and innovative injections of beauty will not be able to hide traces of constant fatigue, lack of sleep, malnutrition. Healthy food is an important component of care. Try to get all the important elements for the body, but simple carbohydrates (sweet carbonated drinks, pastries) should be avoided.

To skin glowed health, it is very important to fully relax and get enough sleep – normally a person needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

In the first place in the scheme of your care for any type of skin should be moisturizing, not only from the outside but also from the inside. How often we notice that despite the abundance of beauty products with moisturizing properties, the epidermis still remains dry, flaky, the first wrinkles appear. This is due to lack of moisture because sometimes we forget that it is necessary to maintain its level from the inside. For facial beauty, drink at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated.

Pigmentation, photoaging phenomenon with which a high probability to face with the neglect of sun-protection means. Take your skin (and not only the face but also all open areas of the body) from the harmful effects of UV rays, otherwise, the consequences can be very serious.