Nail beauty 2019

Girls who visit beauty salons, try to make themselves beautiful. And, of course, don’t forget about nail care and chic manicure. After all, it’ is an integral part of the modern woman.

If you start a conversation about the beauty of nails and how to emphasize it all, you just need to say a few words about the hands. The skin of the handles should be soft and velvety. Hardly a lady with a chic manicure, but red and flaky skin of the hands will make a good impression. Why self-care is a must. To preserve the beauty of the handles. Wash dishes, clean and generally do all the homework necessary in special gloves and apply a moisturizer to the skin at night. All this will keep your hands in perfect condition.

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Healthy diet

It’s no secret that the age of a woman is determined not by the face but by the hands. Therefore, the maintenance of hands and nails in a beautiful and well-groomed state is not a whim, but a necessity. Healthy nails delight smooth pink color, without inclusions. They are strong, elastic, they have no signs of lamination. Ensure the health of the nails will be able to correct, balanced diet. It should contain a maximum of useful vitamins (a, D, E, B) and minerals. Among the important trace elements are magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, sodium, calcium and iodine.

The use of vitamin A enhances the structure of the nail plate, prevents brittle nails. It’s found in vegetables and fruits of red and orange flowers, as well as in greens (dill, parsley, spinach). A huge amount of vitamin is present in fish oil.

The rapid growth of nails is responsible for vitamin B. the Body receives it when eating potatoes, beans, wheat or sea cabbage.

Nail health is more dependent on magnesium. It will provide a beautiful, healthy nail color. Magnesium can be found in cereals: buckwheat, oat, millet. Manganese is found in legumes, garlic, nuts, apricots, and other products.

The elasticity and hardness of the nails take on calcium. It is found in fish, seeds, seafood, milk, and derivatives.

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Iron-rich apples, redfish, legumes. This trace element is responsible for the structure and shape of the nails.

If a woman uses gelatin-containing products (jelly, jelly, marmalade), then she was lucky because gelatin has a positive effect on the joint fluid, from which nails are partially formed.

Because of the rhythm of modern life, a person is not able to maintain at the proper level of the daily rate of the vitamin in the body. Help in this will be a complex of multivitamins, which are sold in the pharmacy.

Nail care

Incorrectly made manicure carries a lot of unpleasant consequences: stratification of nails, burrs, breaking off the grown tips. Therefore, before you start a manicure at home, you need to consider some rules:

  • The average manicure lasts 2 weeks. You can do it more often, but it isn’t recommended since there is a possibility of damage to the soft tissues of the cuticle
  • The equipment needs to be sterilized after each procedure. Quality tools are welcome
  • Shaping the nail plate nail file is a priority. This is due to the fact that the nails for the procedure should be dry. To file nails it’s necessary for one direction.
  • Metal nail files injure soft nail tissue: it’s recommended to use nail files made of glass or plastic
  • Soften the cuticle with special cosmetics