Eye Make Up

Eyes – the Foundation of any makeup and the object of attention. Beautiful eye makeup can boost a woman’s mood. And also give her confidence. Professional makeup artists pay a lot of attention to the correct approach to eye accentuation. It is important to emphasize their beauty, but not to deprive the natural charm. Beautiful eye makeup is a theme that excites many women.

How to do eye makeup?

To velvety skin around the eyes always looked healthy and attractive. You need to follow some rules of makeup and care for delicate skin of the eyelids. The area of the skin around the eyes in thickness and structure is markedly different from the rest of the skin.  Therefore, apply eyelids cosmetic and skin care products for the entire face should not be. This can lead to premature wrinkles and other signs of aging. This can lead to premature wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Before proceeding to the direct preparation of the skin around the eyes for applying makeup, you need to prepare the entire surface of the face.

To do this, be sure to remove the remnants of previous cosmetics, using a special lotion, gel, foam, emulsion or lotion. Apply the product on a cotton pad or cloth and wipe the skin thoroughly.

If you do not need to apply makeup remover, just refresh the skin. Wash with cool water if necessary, use a mild scrub. Then you can apply a tonic. After that, apply a small amount of day cream on the skin. Wait until the cream is absorbed. Then remove the excess with a cotton pad or cloth.Moisturizing or nourishing agent is necessary just enough to remove the feeling of tightness of the skin, as an overabundance of the cream can lead to the fact that your makeup simply “float”. So, the person trained, you can now proceed to preparing the skin for the application of cosmetics.

If the eyelid skin is dry. You need to apply a special moisturizer or gel to the skin around the eyes, without rubbing it and without stretching the skin. The moisturizer is applied with light patting or circular movements from the bridge of the nose to the temple on the upper eyelid. And from the temple to the bridge of the nose – on the bottom. After the cream is completely absorbed. It’s necessary to get wet eyelids to remove the remains of the product from their surface. Be careful with the application of moisturizer. Because under the influence of heat and excess fat makeup will lose its durability and attractiveness. For normal and oily skin around the eyes moisturizers can’t be used.

Eyeshadow primer

After moisturizing, you can start applying a primer (corrective base for eye makeup). Which makes the eyelid relief more even, hides all skin imperfections, facilitates the application of makeup and allows makeup to stay much longer. For oily skin around the eyes. It’s necessary to use a matting primer, and for dry – moisturizing. Also, the base under the eye shadow are colorless (suitable if there are no obvious skin defects) or color. With a primer with a blue or white shade. You can lighten the skin around the eyes. The pink base makes the pale skin more lively.  The green shade of the primer allows you to hide redness. And the bronze or Golden primer will give the skin a tanned look. Available primers for the eyelids often in the form of a stick or fluid. And applied in a thin layer, and then shaded with a brush or a small sponge.

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After drying the primer on the skin, you can begin to apply a Foundation-cream or cream powder. The Foundation for the eyelids serves as a kind of barrier between the skin of the eyelids and decorative cosmetics, so that the makeup does not crumble, does not spread and does not roll. Usually, the shade of the Foundation is selected under the skin color. The basis for age darker tone will make the eyes more expressive and visually more and more light will make the shadows bright and rich color. The base should be applied to the entire surface of the eyelid with a brush or sponge. Then you need to carefully darken. Don’t apply a too thick layer of Foundation or RUB it with your fingers, because it will make makeup sloppy and unnatural.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes?

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Even the most perfect makeup can lose its shine. It is necessary to mask the bruises under the eyes that accompany almost all modern women. Quickly remove dark circles to help antiserum or concealer for the eyelids. Depending on the color of the circles under the eyes, different shades of correctors are used.  To neutralize blue, blue or purple colors, you need to use an orange or yellow concealer. And in order to mask yellowish circles or bruises of earthy color, blue or purple shade of the corrector is best.