Hair and beauty 2020

Female attractiveness is always associated with the beauty of hair. The main thing isn’t what they have a woman (long, short, smooth or curly), but how they are well-groomed. Sometimes women are more concerned about the color of the hair or its shape, rather than healthy curls. This leads to hair loss, making and lifelessness. Exposing the hair to different tests, you should not forget about their health. To make them beautiful and well-groomed, don’t lose their appeal, you need to follow some tips-rules and try to use them every day.

Tip 1. Hair should be washed at the same time (depending on the type of hair). It is best to wash your hair every other day. Daily washing, makes hair unruly, brittle, destroys natural moisture. Therefore, after shampooing, it is necessary to use a conditioner and hair mask.

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Tip 2. It’s always necessary to choose a line of hair care, one beauty of the series, the most suitable type of hair. Quality doesn’t mean expensive. It’ is necessary to buy those quality products that can be used at home. For professional cosmetics, you need to have special knowledge and skills.

Tip 3. Trying a new line of hair, make sure that in this line of amino acids, which have hair by nature. Properly selected complex, to resume the lost protein and strengthen the moisture even in the dry parts of the curls.

Tip 4. Before you wash your hair, you need to comb your hair very carefully. First, the hair should be rinsed with warm water to clean them from styling products. Then, lather in the palms a little shampoo and apply to the hair. Gently and carefully wash off the shampoo, cleaning hair. After washing, apply a rinse aid and a hair mask along the entire length to the tips.

Tip 5. Try not to use thermal curlers, Curling irons and other “torture” for hair. Natural beauty, achieved attention and care, surpasses piece beauty. But if you need to use a hairdryer to harm the hair will bring less cold air, it will not harm the hair like hot.

And remember, you have to love yourself, the way you are, despite the stereotypes or fashion.

Hair oil

Hair is necessary, like air, vitamin a deficiency of vitamin they become brittle, dull and thinned, dandruff appears. To replenish vitamin a, eat grated carrots with sour cream or vegetable oil every morning. A month later, the hair will come to life, become shiny and strong.

Pay special attention to the reception of vegetable oils – corn, olive, and sunflower. Take 1 tablespoon daily. If the hair is dry and thin, poorly combed, take corn oil for 1-2 months.

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Natural vegetable oils can be called the most valuable find for hair. Due to its diverse composition, they show strengthening, moisturizing, smoothing, restoring, nourishing abilities. Their regular use gives the strands elasticity, makes them more docile, heals the appearance, as well as returns and retains the natural Shine.

When applied to the hair, the oil creates a kind of film that holds moisture deep in the hair shaft and protects against the destruction of protein, which occurs against the background of frequent thermal effects (drying with a Hairdryer, straightening, Curling, etc.). Natural oils are also useful to apply after hair coloring, they will make the color more bright and saturated, prevent overdrying.

There are several ways to use the oil. The easiest way to distribute the oil to the hair on the wet strands immediately after washing. This procedure will not only facilitate combing but will also act as thermal protection. For moisturizing strands and natural radiance, oil is applied immediately after installation. Also, hair oil is recommended to be applied to the strands as a protective agent before going to the beach or pool.

There is one caveat: the oil must first hold a little on the palms, RUB it between them, warming, then you can apply to the hair. It is very good to add oil to ready-made beauty products, it is several times increases their effectiveness. To restore the damage, the oil is rubbed into the roots, applied to the strands, paying special attention to the tips. Oil pre-heated and in the form of heat is applied.

The procedure is carried out at night, on top of the wrap cotton cloth, so as not to stain the bed linen. In the morning you need to wash your hair with shampoo. In the latter case, the oil can be combined with various essential oils, the choice of which is made taking into account the problem to be solved and the expected effect.