Nail art 2020.What are the best trends in 2020?

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are positive attention from others and a guarantee of a good mood for a girl. After all, admit it, you always pay attention to the manicure of girls in transport, at work, in the store. So you yourself should try to maintain a neat look of manicure.

Of course, your manicure can be fresh and neat. But it is even better if it is also a fashionable manicure. Therefore, we offer you to get acquainted with the most fashionable options for manicure 2020. Here you will find both the most daring ideas and neutral quiet options.

And don’t forget: to make your nails look beautiful with any manicure, they must be healthy.

Proper nutrition and good vitamins for nails are your first helpers in this.

Fashion nail shapes 2020

There is no doubt that every girl chooses her own nail shape. This can be a rule at work or school, comfort in the field of activity, or just a personal whim. And, of course, one of the reasons is fashion.

Fashion every new season dictates its own rules for the fashionable shape of nails. So in 2020, several forms will be the most popular. In the winter and spring season, it is suggested to choose shorter nails of natural shape. This is our soft square, oval and round nails.

For the summer and autumn season, medium-length nails are better suited. But the shapes will remain the same, but the most fashionable will be almond.

Fashionable colors of nail art 2020

You can argue endlessly about choosing the color of a manicure and choose more than one minute. When you see a palette of shades, you want everything at once. And so it is very difficult to decide on one thing.

In order to facilitate the choice, we suggest making a choice in favor of fashionable manicure colors for this season.

For spring manicure, you need more delicate and light shades, such as turquoise, lilac, light purple, and white.


As summer colors, choose bright and juicy colors: Indigo, juicy greens, red, Barbie pink.

And for an autumn manicure, these are of course colors that match the yellowing foliage: gold, bronze, brown, red, and burgundy.

Manicure with monograms and lace 2020

There are many types of manicure invented, at the peak of popularity among others this season –lace. Lace manicure-openwork manicure is a beautiful and luxurious design, equally suitable for a special holiday occasion, and for decoration on weekdays.

Usually, young girls stop at a palette of pastel colors: white, pink, beige. Ladies who love experiments add decorations to them: gold sand, stones, rhinestones, sequins, rubbing, foil or confetti.

Fashionable manicure with dots 2020

Trend manicure paint point 2020-2021 – the most fashionable manicure with dots is perfect for any image because it is stylish, unobtrusive and fashionable. Manicure design in the form of dots is very popular and will be an absolute trend in nail art in 2020.

Trendy manicure ideas with stripes 2020

If you are looking for options for a beautiful and unusual manicure, then a manicure with stripes will be just right, it looks very stylish and beautiful. The key to a fashionable manicure 2020 — gold and silver foil strips.

A manicure can be performed with different variations of the strip, it can be vertical, or it can be horizontal, it can be on one or two nails, or it can be on all of them. The strips themselves can be thin, thick, uneven and even twisted, it all depends on your preferences and the imagination of your master. Whichever option of manicure with stripes you choose, it will be relevant in 2020.