Baby jewelry 2020: what to give and how to choose for a child?

Children are always happy to receive gifts. And jewelry surprises are also a memory of pleasant moments of childhood. Many of these ornaments can be worn in adulthood and can be passed on to their heirs.

Beautiful things will develop a child’s taste for good jewelry, a sense of style. When shopping with your daughter or son, explain that each age has its own accessory. It is important to teach the child to take care of their own jewelry from an early age. And an adult guy or girl will also take care of the jewelry.

What jewelry to give to children?

At the birth of a child, you can present a silver spoon or cup. For girls, one of the first accessories are earrings: with inserts, smooth, covered with enamel. These can be classic carnations or earrings with an English lock. The child will also be happy to receive a single pendant in the form of the first letter of the name or favorite cartoon character.

The most popular decorations for children are:

  • earrings with secure locks (French loop, English lock or screw stud);
  • the chain or cords;
  • a silver spoon, plate or cup;
  • pendants in the form of butterflies, flowers, and animals;
  • pins;
  • body crosses.

How to choose jewelry for a child?

  1. When choosing a piece of jewelry, pay attention to its weight. Light elegant earrings or a pendant will be much less traumatic, as well as more comfortable to wear.
  2. The second pressing issue is the length of the product. Children are very mobile, and an excessively long chain or dangle earrings can lead to injury.
  3. Let the shape of the product be rounded – check your purchase by touch: it should not have sharp corners, protrusions, elements that can be pricked.

  1. Check the product for items that will cling to clothing or hair – there should not be any.
  2. All fasteners must be very strong. It is desirable that the child could not unbutton them on their own – it is, of course, about young children. Stories that a child swallowed an earring or even a chain-alas, not uncommon!

By the way, if we are talking about babies younger than 3-4 years, it is better not to wear rings to prevent them from being swallowed.

  1. Also very strong (better than hand weaving) should be the chain itself-otherwise the baby can simply break it during games.

  1. If you buy a ring-then give preference to models with the ability to adjust the size. The child’s fingers are constantly growing, and if you approach the purchase wisely, the baby can wear such a decoration even for several years!
  2. Do not try to buy a child massive jewelry made of gold. As a rule, they do not look quite appropriate for babies (especially large ones). It will be good if you choose jewelry with animals, berries, flowers, butterflies, cars, airplanes, cakes, “cartoons”. They are brightly enameled, often decorated with precious stones and are also much smaller and lighter than “adult” counterparts – your baby will definitely appreciate and love them!

  1. An important issue is whether the child is allergic to various metals. As a rule, such problems do not arise with gold products.
  2. If the child is not quite small, it will be great if you choose jewelry with him – let him learn from childhood to choose beautiful and stylish things and join the beautiful.