Fashion natural makeup 2021: basics,features, trends

Many women love natural makeup. And they also want their skin to always look good. Natural makeup can hide skin imperfections and correct the shape of the face.

The basics of natural makeup


Before applying foundation, use a primer. It will help to remove possible irregularities.  With it, your foundation or BB cream will last longer.

Tonal foundation

The main thing in natural make-up is clean and radiant skin.

The main task of natural makeup is to even out the skin and make it radiant.

The minimum set of products for natural makeup is a concealer and foundation.

Concealer eliminates all redness, circles under the eyes, masks pigmentation. The foundation makes the skin color even and gives a healthy shine.


A healthy blush is an important part of natural makeup. 

Better choose cream blush. They look as natural as possible on the face. The main thing is to choose the appropriate shade. Choose neutral peach or pale pink shades.  And don’t forget to blend well!

For tanned skin, you can use bronzer.


Natural and calm eyebrows are perfect for natural makeup. Prefer wide natural eyebrows for natural makeup. Use a set of eye shadow or a regular pencil.


Enough mascara – black or brown. Shadows for natural make-up are optional. You can choose a palette in pastel natural colors – beige or pale pink.


Apply beige, pale pink, transparent peach lipstick, or gloss to your lips. You can only use the balm.

Features of natural makeup

  • Natural makeup involves the careful alignment of the skin, masking errors. Your face should be nice and clean.
  • Relief is created by blush. They also give the image softness and freshness. 
  • Beautiful and simple makeup for every day does not need bright-colored cosmetics. 
  • The natural type of makeup is basic for all other make-UPS.
  • Natural makeup allows for the absence of shadows on the eyelids.

Natural makeup trends

  • The maximum naturalness. Slightly tinted lashes, perfectly clean radiant skin, and neutral lip color.
  • Highlighter under the eyes. The moist Shine of the skin under the eyes will instantly correct any shortcomings from lack of sleep and fatigue;
  • All shades of pink. This one is also suitable for lips, cheekbones, eyelids, nails, and even eyelashes. This color helps to visually reset several years at once.
  • Raised eyebrows. Thick dense eyebrows remain in fashion. A new styling technique is needed, directing the hair strictly upwards, – say, makeup artists, Christian Dior and Giambattista Valli.