Baby shoes 2021: how to choose the right one

Babies are much more active, more energetic than adults.

According to statistics, 98% of babies have healthy feet from birth, and they remain so only in 40% of adults. Many defects in the development of the foot occur from childhood due to wearing inappropriate shoes.

How to choose the right baby shoes

  • Baby shoes  should be chosen according to the weather. Boots are suitable for walking in the rain, shoes – for a dry warm day.

  • Be sure to have a small heel height of 5-15 mm to ensure the baby’s stability. Also, it prevents the development of flat feet.

  • You need to pay attention to the shape of the baby shoes. Baby shoes should be free.

  • The material must be natural. Suitable suede, leather, or nubuck shoes that allow the baby’s feet to breathe.

  • The sole should be flexible.

  • The backing that secures the leg must be rigid.

  • Baby shoes should have to cushion.

  • Baby shoes should have arch support and an insole.

  • Fasteners are important. Children can unbutton their own shoes if they are fixed with velcro.