Crossbody bags: what it looks like, what to wear it with

An integral part of the image of a modern woman is a fashionable bag, which is a beautiful and convenient accessory.

Most likely, crossbody has been in your wardrobe for a long time, you just didn’t know its real name.

Such a practical, convenient, compact and lightweight item is simply impossible not to use.

What it is and what it is worn with — read further in the article.

What is a crossbody bag?

Few people know, but the first such bag was invented in the 60s of the last century by the famous Coco Chanel. Her small quilted purse with chain handles still remains the standard of style, femininity, and relevance. Then the bag became a convenient replacement for the reticule, which could only be carried in the hands.

This is the most practical type of bag for everyday wear, for a walk, a cultural event or a trip. Your hands are completely free, you can climb a mountain, applaud artists, go to the store and carry packages, push a stroller, lead a child or loved one by the hand.

In addition, you have quick access to all the things that are stacked in a small, compact bag. The accessory looks sophisticated and unobtrusive. At the same time, it can create a bright accent, emphasize a certain style and act as a decoration.

Advantages of crossbody bags

After learning what a cross-body bag means and evaluating its appearance, fashion houses vied to copy and transform the idea. No wonder, because buying an accessory is full of advantages:

  • Versatility is its main quality. A small purse is suitable for creating a look in any style and at the same time looks good with pants, trousers, a light dress, shorts, a spring coat or a winter jacket.
  • Functionality is another plus. The space inside is small, but enough to hold all the necessary things.
  • Correct weight distribution. After a day of walking, your arms or shoulders will not hurt, even if you place heavy objects inside.
  • Reliability and safety of things. The contents are always before the eyes of the hostess.
  • Convenience. With your hands-free, you can take photos, chat, shop, drive a car, and much more. 

Other models restrict your movements and make your walk less comfortable.

Various forms of crossbody bags

Shoulder bags are famous for a variety of shapes and models. In addition to the classics of the Chanel fashion house you should pay attention to the following forms:

  • The most famous and most popular is square or rectangular, sometimes with smoothed edges.

  • No less popular option – in the form of a saddle, which entered the fashion industry along with Hobbies of cowboy themes.

  • Round and semi-circular, but flat models are mainly made of knitted textiles.

  • There are also exclusive design developments in the form of a camera case, cute animals, chests.

What to carry a crossbody bag with?

You can select several rules:

  • Buy a white bag for any summer outfit, as well as a light fur coat or a combination with white shoes.

  • Gray or brown is a traditional color that is suitable for any period of the year.

  • Blue cross-body will be a great pair of jeans.

  • Red or maroon will complement the bow in dark colors and add piquancy to a romantic outfit.

A walk with a child, a romantic date, shopping, a business meeting or a trip to a cultural event must be accompanied by ease and comfort. 

Cross-body has:

  •  a small weight, 
  • all sorts of variations of decor,
  •  design,
  •  size, 
  • shapes and colors, which makes it possible to choose the right model for a specific occasion and outfit. 

You don’t have to take it off your shoulder when you sit down at the table or get your wallet or phone out if necessary. 

It is always visible, so your property is securely protected. The wardrobe of a modern, stylish girl just can’t do without such a necessary and universal detail as a cross body handbag.