What is the best perfume for men in 2020?

The fragrance of a man plays a very important role in his life. Especially in the modern world, where it is almost indecent to go out or in the company without using perfume. Perfume becomes the business card of a successful person. A well-chosen fragrance emphasizes the style, tells about the character of a person and, of course, adds self-confidence. Despite the fact that perfumes have become a necessity rather than a luxury, they remain the most popular gift for any holiday for both men and women.

Men’s perfume trends of 2020

Stronger With You by Giorgio Armani. This is an energetic composition for modern and bold men. The owner of this fragrance lives a modern and elegant life. The perfume composition is unpredictable and surprises with its originality. The fragrance opens with a mix of cardamom, pink Peruvian pepper, mint and violet petals. The heart of the fragrance is entirely owned by sage, symbolizing eternal youth, artfully intertwined with delicious notes of pineapple and fragrant melon. The final notes of the fragrance beckon with precious amber wood, sweet vanilla, chestnut and the power of magnificent cedar.

Dior Homme Parfum. Dior perfume, like everything that creates a brand, is a symbol of elegance, perfection, and luxury. Today, the brand’s portfolio includes more than 150 fragrances, which were created by the most talented perfumers in the world. It is suitable for a man who appreciates luxury and knows exactly what he wants from life. The composition tells others about the excellent professional and human qualities of the owner. The initial notes of the fragrance are invigorating and uplifting with a wave of juicy orange. The heart of the fragrance hides a bright combination of the powdery iris from Tuscany and rose. The luxurious trail of the fragrance opens a unique composition, woven from the finest notes of Abelmoschus nutmeg, agarwood, cedar, and leather.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Parisian Breakthe personification of Parisian chic. This is a new version of the eternal classic, the name of which hints at the nobility of the owner. The bright, fresh and sparkling composition tells about spring break in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This fragrance is the perfect choice if you need to lift your mood and tune in to a positive mood – citrus accents with lemon notes make the composition energetic and give you a boost of energy for the whole day. Refreshing Nepalese mint, which is part of the fragrance, will allow you to save your personality in the pulsating daily bustle of a big city. In the heart of the fragrance are hidden notes of invigorating sage, which gives a special charm to the owner of the perfume, and a light trail of ambroxane and vetiver allows the other components to open more intensively and many-sided.

Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci Guilty. This elite fragrance will give you a special charm and exclusivity. A complex composition not only will not leave any girl indifferent but also will be a reliable partner in the work, giving strength and energy from day today. In the upper chords of the composition, the skin opens with a warm, luxurious fragrance. Closer to the heart, leather notes melt into the boundless freshness of cypress, complemented by bright notes of patchouli. The culmination of the melody was an extravaganza of woody notes and shades, effectively accentuated by smoky vetiver parties, light scents of earth and forest. The exclusive trail of the fragrance emphasizes the masculine nature and unique style of the owner.

Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men Eau de Parfum. The owner of this fragrance is a successful, confident, strong and successful gentleman. This image is easy to maintain with a fragrance for men created for Dolce & Gabbana by the most talented and very stylish Olivier Polge. Elegant woody melodies of the fragrance with spicy accents will emphasize the courage and make the owner even more charismatic. The opening notes will cover you with the incredible freshness of a mixture of grapefruit, coriander, and Basil. The heart of the fragrance contains the secret of an energetic and positive day – a bit of orange color, waves of ginger and the warmth of cardamom cheer and bring joy. The richness, luxury and noble restraint of the composition were laid by the perfumer in the train-precious amber, Cuban tobacco, and white cedar.

The Secret Temptation Antonio Banderas. Who knows more about seduction and passion than Antonio Banderas himself? Maybe that’s why it never ceases to please its fans with bright passionate aromas? The new fragrance, although it belongs to the middle market category, like others in the actor’s fragrance collection, boasts a rich and unusual composition of precious components. This spicy-woody composition is a story about the strength, charisma, determination and disarming gallantry of its owner. In the opening notes, you will feel a luxurious blend of bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper, and elemi. The romantic heart of the fragrance is woven from Jasmine, Basil, and Artemisia. The final notes of this passionate romance play on ladies ‘ hearts with sweet vanilla, vetiver, wood, and musk, creating an image of a mysterious seducer for its owner.

Leau Kenzo ElectricWave Pour Homme is a unique composition from Kenzo, which was released in the format of a limited product. This is the perfect combination of water components, incredibly clean and fresh, worthy of being the best new product of the year. It is perfect for a slightly flighty and incredibly talented young man who loves water shades in perfumes. The initial notes of the fragrance-fruit chords of Yuzu and grapefruit-invite you to a slightly cool beach after a summer night and offer to forget about failures and problems. The heart is captivated by fresh and bold combinations of mint and green apple. In General, this composition is for optimists who are in love with life and are able to conquer any peak.