Best lip glosses 2020-2021: how to choose and apply

Do you want your lips to attract the attention of others? Shimmering in the sun?  Simultaneously moisturizes the delicate skin and makes the muscle folds plumper? Then you need to choose a high-quality gloss.

Types of lip gloss

Brilliant lip gloss

Many women think that shiny lip gloss is only for young girls. Vainly. This gloss should be in the makeup bag for all women. You just need to choose your own shade.

Lip gloss with SPF

Most of us forget to protect our lips from the sun.  And for good reason. After all, most glitters have built-in SPF protection, which is great! When buying a gloss, see if it has SPF protection!

Matte lip glosses

Are you looking for a lip gloss to last all day? If you don’t want to keep putting on lipstick, choose a matte lip gloss.

How to choose a lip gloss

When buying lip gloss, much depends on your personal desires and budget. However certain factors are important:

  • Texture. It can be solid or liquid.
  • Composition. If the skin on the lips is in poor condition, you should buy a product with nourishing oils and vitamins. Matte products dry your lips more.
  • Properties. Some glosses increase the volume of the lips, others add an iridescent gloss, and others moisturize and nourish.
  • Form release. Decide how it will be more convenient to apply the product with an applicator, finger, or brush.

Glitter Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss, Estée Lauder

New Estée Lauder with push-up makes your lips plump and even in a single application. It contains vitamin E and organic nourishing oils.

Rouge Coco Shine lip glosses, 764 and 804, Chanel

The texture is melting, not too sticky. Glitters will replace the balm. The Hydraboost complex contains natural waxes (jojoba, sunflower, Mimosa) and a natural derivative of coconut oil. It turns out the effect of wet lips, they visually become more voluminous.

Juicy Shaker lip gloss, Lemon Explosion, Lancôme

On the lips, the shade is barely noticeable and visually makes them richer and even more voluminous. But the main function is hydration: it consists of four types of oil (rosehip, cranberry, sweet almond, peach seeds).

High Shimmering Lip Gloss, Citrus 4, Bobby Brown

Natural and pleasant nude, but the lips are not lost on the face and do not merge with the cheeks.

Dior Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ High Volume Lip Plumper

Gloss-plumper with the effect of increasing the lips differs in the presence of mother-of-pearl and collagen. It smells very nice. It is activated gradually. The lips begin to tingle, there is a feeling of coolness. There is no sticky feeling after application. At the same time, the folds on the skin are smoothed, and the lips become lush.

Lip gloss Butter Lip Gloss, NYX

Compact – fits even in the smallest clutch. Oily in texture, pleasant to wear, does not dry the lips. It contains beeswax and microcrystalline wax. Apply in a single layer. The glitter has a candy flavor.

Lip gloss Gloss Bomb, Fenty Beauty

Vanilla-peach flavor. A convenient applicator that simultaneously dials the desired amount of product. Universal pinkish-Nude shade with a light shimmer. Excellent hydration due to Shea butter in the composition. When you apply the gloss, there is a pleasant feeling that it envelops the lips, and they really visually become larger.

The Shine of The Lipgloss, the shade of Honey, Dolce & Gabbana

Very beautiful color and a very dense texture. Honey has a super-fine Golden shimmer that helps give your lips volume.  It is better to apply a gloss on the base and/or use a pencil, otherwise, it may get a little stiff in the folds of the lips.

Dazzleglass, shade 412 Goldyroc’s, M.A.C

The new product fits perfectly. Beautiful shimmers, thanks to mother-of-pearl particles. Visually enlarges the lips. The gloss does not follow the contours of the lips, perfectly moisturizes, and reflects light – you will shine in the sun.

Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss, Rouge Bunny Rouge

The color of cotton candy, frosted bottle, and baby name. Inside is a sheen that’s as vicious as thermostatic yogurt. The texture stays firmly on the lips and is suitable for an active working day.

Lip gloss is cool, chic and so feminine. And not just for young girls.