Best eye makeup 2020 : top beauty trends

In 2020, priority is given to bright shadows and colored arrows. However, do not forget about natural makeup and a healthy complexion.

The easiest way to decorate a woman is to make her beautiful makeup. Any makeup should be done carefully and exquisitely.

Natural eyebrows

In 2020, the trend is natural eyebrows, without tattoos and other excesses. As for the shape – in fashion again a soft bend, without breaks. Arched shape, natural color, grooming, and easy coloring-this is the secret of the perfect groomed browsers 2020.

Shimmering eyeliner

In 2020 it will be fashionable to choose both types of eyeliner: with a rich shine or light. Alternating them or using more intense ones for a holiday or for going to a club. The color of the eyeliner is not important, the main thing here is to start from the color of the eyes. Only in this case, the makeup will be harmonious and stylish.


Sequins can be used instead of shadows. This is a very unusual type of makeup.  It is mainly used to complete a thematic or dressy image. There is a special safe glue for the skin, which is used to glue the sequins.


Any option of the eyeliner using black or another color is a popular choice for 2020. Draw the eyeliner graphically, with a wide base and a narrow end, or vice versa. Also, eyeliner is used as a replacement for shadows.

Multi-colored shade

On your eyelids, you can collect from two to five different colors, only you need to choose the right shades and well blend the place of fusion.

Emerald eye shadow

Emerald shadows are a great choice for women with drooping eyelids. They go well with black and white shadows, as well as with a black pencil.