Best home workout: equipment and exercises

What should I do if all sports clubs are closed? Of course, to train at home! It is for such purposes that this Workout program was prepared at home.

The goal of the training program at home: creating optimal muscle tone plus strengthening ligaments and joints. Do not rush to perform complex exercises immediately. If you find it difficult to perform the specified number of repetitions, reduce their number. Gradually, the body will get stronger and overcome the entire load.

Equipment for a workout at home:

  • A wall-mounted horizontal bar; 
  • A pair of chairs; 
  • A bed or pedestal more than 50 cm high.

Let’s get started

  • Air out the room before training; 
  • During rest (between approaches), walk around the house/apartment; 
  • Train to your favorite music; 
  • To avoid slipping on the floor and hardness, use special sports mats.

Some tips for beginners working out at home:

  • Is it difficult to perform any element? Simplify it;
  •  Do not bend the arms as necessary, interfere with the legs when pumping the press? Ask a friend for help;
  •  Reduce the range of motion.

Training program

  • The program for beginners is designed for a couple of months, but you can practice it for longer;
  • To avoid getting the body used to the monotony of exercise, you will need to increase the load;
  •  Choose the frequency of classes yourself, just a few per week;
  •  Start each session with a warm-up session; 
  • Remember to take breaks between exercises.


  • Push-UPS with wide arm positions – 3 to 12-16
  • Push-UPS on chairs – (2-3) to 8-12


  • Plank with hand leads to the sides – (3-4) to 15-20


  • Pull-UPS with reverse grip – 3 to 8-12

  • Pseudo planche – 2 to 10-12


  • Pull-UPS with a wide grip – 3 to 10-12


  • Body rows – 3 по 12-15
  • Crossroads – 3 to 12-15 

  •  Push-UPS on one hand- 3 to max
  •  Push-UPS triangle – 3 to 12-15 
  • Reverse push-UPS – (2-3) to 12-15


  • Climber-3-4 to 30 seconds 

  • Squats – 3 to 6-10
  • Lunges – (2-3) to 10-12


  •  Push-UPS house – 3 to 10-12

  • Side planks w/rotation – 3 to 15

  • Elbow plank arm lifts – 3 to max

Your workout should last within one hour, if you train longer, then reduce your rest time.

And, of course, complete the exercise program with a hitch.