Fashion makeup 2020. It’s main trends.

Fashion trends in makeup for 2020 will please with their practicality and originality.

Today, the trend is encouraging in its practicality. After making lasting makeup in the morning, you can go to work, and in the evening to the cinema or restaurant. At the same time, the make-up will look appropriate in any situation.

Makeup base 2020

A well-chosen tonal base is a key to a perfect make-up.  Clear cheekbones and a powerful highlighter-gradually fade away. Also in 2020, it is better to avoid using concealers, bronzers, sequins, and blush with a metallic effect. Make-up artists strive for the most natural beauty. The products used should only emphasize the freshness and hydration of the skin.

Natural restraint is now visible in everything, including clothing and makeup. Therefore, a low-key make-up with the use of color – neutral cosmetics is an ideal solution.

“Light” makeup

The trend for everything natural and natural continues to occupy leading positions in all areas of women’s fashion. He did not bypass the fashion make-up – among the current trends, the first place is taken by total nudity.

To create this image, you will need a minimum amount of cosmetics. It will be enough to touch up your lashes a little, make up your lips with beige lipstick or translucent gloss, and make a few light strokes with Nude shadows to match your lips.

The main requirement for “invisible” makeup is a perfectly even tone of the face.

With a properly made makeup, it should seem to others that there is no makeup on the face at all, and the key to a fresh and attractive appearance is solely your merit.

This makeup has a rejuvenating effect and is ideal for young fashionistas.

Natural blush on the face

Bright cheeks like from the cold are back on-trend. If it is not cold outside or you are not going to sit in the cold, then blush will come to the rescue. Today, they can not be spared and generously applied to the entire cheek.

The technique of applying the product is simple-away from the center of the face and as fashionably close to the temples. Ideally, if in addition to blush, you will choose shadows to match or paint the eyelids with a blush.

For the lips, you can use nude, pastel, and lipstick in bright and juicy colors.

Monochrome in shades of sepia

The main feature of this makeup is the use of one color in makeup. The shades may differ slightly, but the overall tone is visible even in contouring. Special attention is paid to golden and coffee colors. They look great with soft shading that doesn’t have clear borders.

Natural eyebrows

Analyzing the fashion trends of makeup for 2020, special attention should be paid to the eyebrows. This year, makeup artists decided to give preference to naturalness. Stylists advise not to touch the eyebrows with decorative cosmetics, leaving them to match the color of the hair. And even if the girl is blonde, highlighted eyebrows are in trend. 

Girls are advised to grow and nourish natural eyebrows, combing, but not drawing clear boundaries.

Wide arrows on the eyes

Wide and noticeable — this is what is fashionable in 2020. In the trend again makeup neon 90 years of the last century. Therefore, well-drawn arrows that go far beyond the ciliated edge are what you need.

Make-up artists recommend using eyeliner not only black or gray. At parties and holidays, bright orange or green eyeliner looks appropriate, and you can use a dark blue pencil for work.

Emphasis on the lips

Red lipstick is everything. Bright lips are back in fashion, and it’s time to get the scarlet lipstick out of the makeup bags. It is important to note that a clear outline is required for perfect application. If nature has not tried in this matter, buy a pencil to match.

The effect of wet lips

Shiny and shimmering lips will be a worthy completion of any makeup. The balm is applied to prepared lips or already covered with colored decorative lipstick. The main task is to achieve additional volume and wet shine.

This lip makeup is suitable for any image.

Bright color block

Acid shades in the technique of the popular makeup color block. In 2020, brick, Canary, lettuce, hot pink and other shades will be honored. This technique does not apply to shade. The strokes are broad and clear.

Fashion for makeup this year is very diverse. For any occasion have the opportunity to choose the option that is more likely to express the individuality of girls. There is no shortage of cosmetics, so we feel free to experiment.