Best haircut for men at home in isolation

As you know, men cut their hair often. And now in the period of isolation, this is simply impossible. Therefore, we can learn how to perform stylish and neat men’s haircuts at home.

So, how to cut men’s hairstyles with a machine without leaving the house?

Here’s what you’ll need

  • High-quality hair clipper with a powerful battery and several attachments.

Don’t be stingy and buy expensive imported equipment (even professional ones are better). This machine will serve at home for decades.

  • You will need sharp, well-sharpened scissors and a single-row comb. Using these tools, you can perform some operations that are not available to the machine.

  • We also advise you to take care of the tonsorial. It will help to avoid unnecessary clutter, and the man will feel much more comfortable during the haircut.

The basics of hairdressing

Men’s haircuts for the machine can be started at home after you learn the basics.

The head is usually divided into 4 zones:

  • Parietal.
  • Temporal lateral (there are two of them, respectively).
  • Upper and lower occipital.

This is important to know since the instructions for cutting indicate in which area of the head – how to work.

Before cutting, the head should be washed and dried, hard, and tangled hair-a a good comb.

Before you start cutting, prepare the necessary tools. You can also prepare a spray gun with warm water. If there are stages in the haircut process where you need to cut with scissors, then it is more convenient to work with wet hair.

Lubricate the machine and check its performance. For a novice master, it is not superfluous to prepare cotton wool and an antiseptic (you can use aftershave), because sometimes you can apply small cuts and scratches with unaccustomed use.

How to make a short men’s haircut?

  • To perform a short haircut, you need to use different attachments: the upper part can be made with the nozzle №3, the temples – № 2, the neck – № 1. Which method is commonly called 1-2-3.

  • Start creating a hairstyle with nozzle number 3. Install it on the machine and then cut the entire head, taking into account the back of the head, temples, top of the head. They should be the same length. To make the haircut look even, it will work correctly against the direction of the growth of strands.

  • Go to the nozzle number 2. Vertical movements of the hair cut at the back of the head in the direction up from the neck. The stop should be near the top of the head so that the strands on it remain long enough.

When approaching the top of the head, you need to move the device slightly away from the skin, so you will achieve a smooth transition. To smooth out any irregularities, just walk over them with nozzle number 2.

Tips for cutting difficult places

  • If the bangs are supposed to be longer, then the top of the head is cut with scissors.

  • When you level the length of the bangs, lift the hair with a comb strand by strand and cut off the excess with scissors or a typewriter.
  • When cutting temples do not rush, these places are very noticeable. Remove the excess by the millimeter. The temples can be straight or oblique. 

The length is also selected individually. The main thing is to constantly check that they are symmetrical.

  •  When you make edging for a man who wears a beard, do not make sharp borders on the temples. The whiskey should flow smoothly into the beard.
  • If the hairline on the back of the head is very low, you can make a border with scissors or a machine without a nozzle, and all the excess that is below — carefully remove the machine.

Now you are ready to try your hand at hairdressing. The main thing — do not set yourself super-complex tasks at once, start with a simple one. 

Good luck!