Beauty in isolation or how to maintain your perfect look

Home isolation can be an ordeal for some. In order not to get discouraged and not to lose morale, psychologists advise you to take care of yourself.

Forced isolation is not an easy test, for many, it becomes strong stress. In this situation, self-care can be an opportunity to maintain your morale, regardless of the circumstances.


Some may have to switch to home waxing. Now you can afford to grow your hair, or remove it in a new way and draw conclusions about the consequences. Often after epilation, there is an irritation that bothers the next day. When it is not necessary to spend it on trips and in meetings, it is much easier to cope with the inconvenience. If you are used to salon procedures, you will save a lot by giving them up. It remains only to choose and master wax, sugaring, and other standard methods of cosmetologists.

Caring for the skin

Face building is almost a new sport. In the office, facial exercises will be inappropriate, and at home-complete freedom of expression. If you master the techniques, see the results, and get used to training your face, it will be easier to do it in your free time in the future. Freelancing allows you to give up decorative cosmetics for a long time and pay attention to care procedures, various masks, and cleansing. Some employees in isolation admit that it is easier for them to get ready in the morning as usual, including make-up. In this case, you finally have a chance to master the perfect arrows, experiment with shadow colors, and try contouring your face. If it doesn’t work, wash it off and let the skin rest without compromising the schedule.

Anti-aging masks

If due to the situation in your kitchen there are stocks of cereals, it can not only be eaten but also used for beauty. Masks made from natural products are a Western trend, and buckwheat is a frequent ingredient in celebrity recipes.

It is suitable for all skin types, exfoliates well, and increases elasticity. To prepare the product, you will need 15 g of cooked cereals, one-yolk and 15-20 drops of almond or coconut oil. You can use not the usual brown, but green buckwheat. This is a thermally untreated cereal, the grains of which contain more antioxidants and amino acids. For convenience, you can grind the finished porridge with a blender. The mask is applied for half an hour, during which you will have time to view the mail. With the help of conventional products, you can arrange a spa at home. Popular recipes include masks made from oatmeal, bananas, avocado, and greek yogurt.

Eyebrow correction

If you have long wanted to change the shape of your eyebrows, but did not want to grow sloppy hairs. It’s time to start doing this. It will take about two months to fully recover. But in the first few weeks, you will be able to assess how your face is changing and how well it suits you. You can add treatments for brow care: use oil, try new tools for fixing, drawing, and coloring. If regrowth is not included in your plans, try correction options — you can shape your eyebrows not only with tweezers but also with thread, wax, or sugar.

Experiments with hair

The dress code didn’t allow you to try out trendy shades? If your duties do not include daily video conversations, you can finally experiment using tint products that are washed out within a few days. A couple of weeks of homework is optimal for a course of hair treatment.  To apply ampoules and oils according to the instructions, and not for five minutes before washing your hair. You can use both purchased and home remedies, add thermal effects by wrapping the hair with a film. And even in isolation, it is not terrible to grow your hair and try complex styling, which you did not dare to do yourself due to lack of free time. Even if the curls do not come out as you would like, you can always repeat the procedure taking into account the errors and without the need to make adjustments in a hurry before leaving the house.

Manicure and pedicure

Many do not remove shellac for months, only updating the manicure, although it is useful to stop for nail care. In addition, the nail with gel polish grows and requires correction every 2-3 weeks. During isolation, you can refuse long-term coverage. File clean nails, rub oil into the cuticle and make strengthening masks, baths, and other home treatments. Shellac provokes microcracks on the nails, so it will be useful to get rid of it for preventive purposes. If you need to remove the gel polish during the isolation, you can do it at home. To do this, the top layer must be treated with a nail file, so that it becomes rough. Then apply a cotton pad to the nail, moistened with nail polish remover, and wrap the finger with foil. After 5-10 minutes, try to gently clean the gel polish with an orange tree stick, and polish the nail.