And what will be hair coloring in the trend 2021-2022?

Every woman changes her hair color from time to time. And these changes are not necessarily radical. It is enough to dilute your shade a little to change the image. However, from season to season, the color palette of actual shades for hair changes. Let’s see what awaits us in 2021-2022 in hair coloring.

Current colors 2021-2022 for blondes

Blondes will have a large selection in the next fashion season.

  • Platinum

Quite a complex type of coloring.

Suitable for owners of light porcelain skin and blue, green, or gray eyes.

  • Ashy

It is very similar to platinum hair color.

Ashy gives off a bit of gray, which is clearly visible in the right light. In addition, it is more opaque.  This is one of the most trendy colors.

Fashion colorings of the last season 2019-2020

  • Strawberry

 Pale pink is the most fashionable hair color for blondes in 2021-2022. It is suitable for medium hair, and for long, and for a square.

  • Cream

The most common type of blonde.  With the help of this shade is very easy to hide the gray hair and refresh your look. In addition, it is suitable for girls with dark skin and dark eyes.

  • Pearl

 A very interesting and rich shade. The novelty of the season. The design is quite complex, as it is created from four different colors: white, silver, pink, and blue.

Current colors 2021-2022 for brunettes

In the new fashion season, there is something to enjoy and brunettes. They are also waiting for a pleasant variety in the choice of colors.

  •  Glasse (coffee)

It looks very beautiful and natural on the hair. And it is quite simple in execution, which is why its demand only increases every year.

  • Mocha 

One of the most expressive shades for brunettes in 2021-2022. It looks like very strong coffee diluted with a few drops of milk.

  • The cherry chocolate 

This is an incredibly luxurious color. A blend of rich brown and Bordeaux. This is a real trend for the next season.

  • Dark cinnamon

 Pleasant to the eye warm shade with a reddish tint. Ideal for both brunettes, and brown-haired, and redheads.

  • Walnut

There are several nutty shades. Among them: nutmeg, walnut, and classic walnut. Each of them will look great on brunettes.

  • Black Tulip

The most fashionable hair color in 2021-2022 for brunettes. And on short hair, and on elongated it looks equally expensive and expressive.

Current colors 2021-2022 for redheads

What kind of fashionable shades can turn a flame-haired beauty in the 2021-2022 year? Let’s see.

  • Dark copper

A bright and expressive color that will undoubtedly suit all red-haired girls. This is a complex shade, so do not try to paint the house yourself.

  • Ginger

 Warm and calm color of the hair. Good rejuvenates. With its help, it is easy to paint over gray hair and emphasize the beauty and purity of your skin. It is considered the most natural of the entire red palette.

  • Rich bronze

This color is a good combination of chestnut and copper shades. On the hair of any length, it looks expensive and expressive.

  • Chocolate 

This is the hit of the 2021-2022 season. Trendy dark chocolate will look noble.

  • Honey

 Beautiful and natural color. It hasn’t gone out of fashion for several years now.  It also gives you a feeling of sun glare in your hair.

If you haven’t chosen your color yet, then review all the photos again. And you will be in the trend.