Beautiful body

Approximately every fifth woman on the planet is dissatisfied with her appearance, not considering herself beautiful. And all because they don’t meet the social standards of the concept of beauty. Should they try to fit in with these standards? Think about why women want to be prettier than normal? To please men? Then maybe you should ask about the male opinion on female beauty, which they themselves represent it? What really makes men think a girl is beautiful?

Female beauty

The key factor of female beauty is femininity. The lady should look like a woman, not a manly individual. She can’t change her genetics but has full control over whether she looks beautiful and attractive-feminine in the eyes of men or not. For example, what are men looking at? How a lady goes, says, stands, sits, dresses-everything should emphasize her femininity.

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The most influential factor of female beauty is her health. A healthy woman has an attractive eye Shine. Good health adds color to the face, skin, helping to produce more energy. A balanced diet, exercise helps her to protect herself from excess weight, making a more attractive figure.

As already mentioned, beauty is the result of extraordinary work and work on yourself. The beauty of a woman begins with her lifestyle, psychological state, and health. A particularly important factor is proper diet and regular exercise. However, every woman also has the beauty secrets that help her look good. In the article we will list some of the secrets of female beauty or the so-called female tricks that are sure to be useful to any beauty:

  • Develop the habit of drinking water in the morning and every time before eating. Water-the main source of health in our body, accelerates metabolism and helps to remove toxic substances, and therefore is a major factor in taking care of their health and appearance.
  • Actively use oils. Oils play a very important role in the care of your whole body and hair. Our skin and hair are very depleted, lose a lot of moisture and minerals, especially in the summer. Thus, the use of various essential and other oils allows us to restore the shine and smoothness of the skin.
  • Drink your vitamins! The beautiful complexion, hair Shine, beautiful, long eyelashes and thick eyebrows – the result of proper and constant intake of vitamins. Vitamins allow not only to have a beautiful, well-groomed appearance but also affect metabolism and well-being.
  • Get rid of the smell of sweat. To always remain irresistible, even in the most stressful situations, it is necessary to get rid of excessive sweating in the hot season and not only. Get rid of this unpleasant problem easily by taking a bath with mint. You can also combine mint with sage or chamomile.
  • Say goodbye to cellulite. To have beautiful legs without disgusting “orange peel,” it is necessary to constantly monitor what you eat, do various massages and wraps, which will tell the workers of any beauty salon. However, the means-tested on personal experience is coffee grounds. Yes, Yes! Banal coffee grounds! It should be used as a body scrub, and there is no doubt the result will be noticeable very quickly!

Attractive woman

Speaking about the factors of female beauty, we should not forget about one more thing-female sexuality. Every woman or girl wants to be desirable and sexy. However, not everyone knows how she can emphasize her sexuality. As you know, sexuality is manifested not only externally, but also there is a concept of internal sexuality, which is the center of the sexual attractiveness of a person. Sexuality can be both a gift innate and acquired, of course, as a result of work on yourself.

Such sexuality includes:

  • freedom of thought;
  • self-confidence;
  • sensuality;
  • selfishness in the small of his manifestation;
  • love for sex, allowing yourself to enjoy sex;
  • inner harmony.

The concept of external sexuality is clear to all. It includes attractive external features (including plump lips, beautiful legs, bust, slender posture, beautiful figure and more). External sexuality can also be enhanced by appropriate clothing (beautiful underwear, stockings, lace, corsets). We will refer here and human behavior, the ability to seduce and fascinate. An extremely important factor of external sexuality is the look, the ability to play with your eyes and talk about your desire without resorting to words. External sexuality is an image perceived externally, so factors such as voice or perfume are also components of external sexuality.