And what hair color will be in the 2020- 2021 trend?

Women of all ages always strive to look not just attractive, but immaculate and stunning. To create the perfect image, you will need not only stylish clothes but also an equally stylish and trendy hairstyle with a well-chosen hair tone.

Fashionable hair color is the business card of all stylish girls in 2020 – 2021.

The trend of the season – “tweed”

The traditional balayage was replaced by a new product – “tweed” coloring. This technique is similar to sewing: the hairdresser makes small stitches through each section to achieve smooth transitions on the hair.

But what distinguishes this method is the complexity. To achieve a natural transition, smaller sections are used, revealing the natural color of the hair, instead of covering it.

In addition, tweed coloring is characterized by the presence of light highlights to the roots, while the standard lightening of strands begins from the middle of the hair length.

“Babylights” – the kisses of the sun on the hair

This coloring is characterized by its “sun glare” on the hair. It is as if you have just returned from a vacation from warm countries, even if you spent the whole summer in the city. This type of staining is suitable if you:

  • a lover of naturalness, because the “solar” technique is very close to your natural shade;

  • if you don’t want to change your natural hair color, then with “baby lights” you can color several strands and keep your main color;

don’t like to touch up the roots often.

Fashionable colors for long hair

Before choosing the right shade, professional masters in salons take into account many factors: the type of appearance, age, face shape, structure, density, and original hair color, as well as their length.

  • BLOND is a very successful and versatile option for girls with completely different color types. As for shades-in 2020, focus on light brown, they will make the face more pretty. The positive side of the method is the ability to optically create the appearance of healthy hair.

  • Blue-black. Many celebrities won over fans with their chic black hair with a blue tint. But this shade is very self-sufficient, looks noble and expensive. Colorists recommend this color for the winter. To make it more unique, you can just add a pale blue or smoky gray-green tints on the base of the ink-black color.

  • Rainbow hair will appeal to creative people who do not like to be too conservative. For the test, you can only paint the lower part of the hair, which will look very attractive.

Carte Blanche for medium-length hair

This length allows you to experiment: Ombre, Shatush, highlights, and much more. Here are our ideas:

  • This year’s fashionable hair color for medium hair Rose Gold will also move to 2020. It is unique and elegant in itself. Don’t be afraid to try different shades: from warm gold with peach to lavender ash. A win-win option is an ash base, and you can already compose it with any shade of pink.

  • Favorably on medium-length hairstyles looks fashionable ochre. In addition, stylists have long recognized this shade as one of the best options for your original color.

  • Emerald for blue-eyed and gray-eyed-will produce a stunning success in society. Fine if you have freckles. First try this shade on one strand, so as not to get a swampy shade.


Light and playful shades for short hair

Short haircuts themselves are expressive and bright, they can complement such an unusual color accent.

  • Cherry red. This length of hair will emphasize the shade of ripe cherries because it is mischievous and playful. Suitable for girls with light skin and brown eyes. You can also try red melange.

  • Futuristic footage – use of bright colors when painting under a stencil. You can draw anything you want: abstract patterns, elegant geometry, animal prints, various drawings, and textures. But, in this case, never forget about styling!

  • Platinum. This shade will remain in fashion in 2020. But be careful, this color will make your face even colder if you have strict facial features. And dark-haired girls will have to paint their eyebrows and hair roots more often. Most stylists this season prefer a warm platinum color. By the way, this shade is ideal for women over 40 years old.

Our photo tips will help you decide which fashionable hair color to choose in 2020-2021 and impress everyone with your sense of taste. And we are always up to date with the latest fashion trends and will continue to share them with you.