Victoria Beckham and her new collection 2020

Victoria Beckham presented the collection of her brand spring / summer 2020.

The spring collection also includes for the brand fitted pantsuits, skirts, raincoats, turtlenecks and strict shirts mainly in pastel shades.

The most important guest was the daughter of Victoria-Harper.

The daughter accompanied her mother everywhere: in the photo shoots before the show and even behind the scenes of the fashion show. There Harper eagerly communicated with models and a little helped them in preparation for the fashion show.

And what does Victoria Beckham offer in her collection.

First of all, the designer relies on loose silhouettes, voluminous shoulders and practicality.

According to critics, Victoria in her new show used a neat tailoring with a slight touch of the 1970s.

If you pay attention to the collection of many light silk dresses ankle-length, without the slightest emphasis on the waist. They are flying, with all sorts of pleats, ruffles, deep V-shaped cutouts. Sleeves are usually long and almost close the fingertips.

Also, Victoria offers a little change of the skirt and trouser suits. In the collection you can see that they have become more loose and long.

Another main tool in the self-expression of the designer was the presence of bright colors.

“I used to love wearing black all the time and I never understood when some people said they didn’t like it. But then I realized-the color is much nicer!”, says Beckham.

As you can see, the popular designer paid a lot of attention to this. Her new looks are full of all sorts of prints and incredibly bright colors. Compared to previous collections – it looks a little unusual, but very fresh and feminine.