Accessories and jewelry trends 2020

Among the interesting new products balaclavas and chest mini bags. Antique trends in fashion manifested in the elements of Rococo, Baroque and ethno style. To retro theme can be attributed to the forgotten brooches.


In 2020 in the wardrobe of fashionists to appear cap-stocking, like a military Balaclava.  The designers decided to style balaclavas. Thus, they emphasized the beauty of the face.

Balaclavas became the most fashionable headdress of the season . Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Lanvin, Marni -almost every second of the show, the models walked the catwalk in balaclava. It is desirable that such a closed cap was expressive tone, though a more relaxed tone is acceptable.

Gloves 2020

In 2020 gloves can be of any length, style, color and material. The trend remains predatory print, metallic and rocker style with spikes, straps and rivets. At fashion shows there were even models with elements of patchwork or quilted fabric.

You should pay attention to the gloves from Louis Vuitton. They are made of black matte leather and decorated with massive bracelets. Gloves from Marc Jacobs are also decorated with bracelets, made in colorful colors and have an unusual cut.

Gloves become part of the total bow. They can blend in with basic clothing like Dries Van Noten or replicate its print like Moschino and Kenzo.

Bags 2020

The bag is easy to turn into a pendant. You don’t? Then take a look at fancy bows from Giambattista Valli, Emilio Pucci, TOD’s and Jacquemus. Their purses are so small that they turn into stylish leather jewelry. At the same time, they have a practical side — they easily fit the necessary things. Breast mini-handbags — a new trend this season.

If you don’t like wearing handbags around your neck, there’s another way out — waist bags. They were mega popular this spring and don’t seem to be going to give up their positions. This is a real organizer for modern girls. Each pocket of the bag can be adapted to store the necessary items.

Belts 2020

 Belts have become a must-have accessory of the year 2020. In the trend as a very wide belt with large buckles, and ultra-thin straps and belt chains. You can fasten two belts at the waist. You can also tie your belt in a knot.

Scarves and shawls 2020

That without which it is difficult to imagine the fall and winter, so it is without a warm scarf or shawl. For autumn choose light scarves of silk or organza. In winter, more warm knitted and fur scarves. Wear and tie scarves you can in any way. Tie a small handkerchief around your neck in a complicated knot. A long scarf lay around the neck or slung over his shoulder, and the second part of it tucked into the belt.

Brooches 2020

I think it’s time to get out of the boxes long forgotten brooch. In 2020, you will be able to complement your fashion image with a massive brooch or several similar accessories.

Trendy jewelry season 2020 — a real holiday for lovers of fashion accessories. Now it is even easier to create your own unique style. After all, with this choice of stylish scarves, belts and jewelry can be different every day.