The best products for skin care face and body 2020

Don’t know what cream is suitable for dry skin in winter? Can’t choose a nourishing body cream? Don’t panic! The best tools – in the selection!

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

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Peptide cosmetics have long won the hearts of those who want to return the skin to youth and freshness. Since peptides (or just organic proteins) start the process of rejuvenation and stimulate cell renewal. Despite the impressive hydration, the night cream is instantly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a feeling of oily film on the face.

Do not have to wait long until the product is absorbed, and be afraid to leave greasy marks on the pillow. In the morning, the skin looks smooth and radiant as if you slept at least 10 hours.

Face cream L’oxygenante InTense,  Aura Chakè

If you have long been in search of a cream that will make you feel luxurious-try the means of the French dermo-cosmetic mask Aura Chakè. The founder of the brand was inspired by the story of the Egyptian Princess Ora Shaike, who managed to find the secret of preserving youth and her appearance did not change throughout her life. Ora prepared the “magic” potions, and recipes are kept in the strictest confidence.

But we don’t need drugs, we need super cream! So L’oxygènante InTense instantly makes the skin beautiful-helps to saturate it with oxygen and saves from drying out. Egyptian princesses from polluted urban air are unlikely to suffer, but we know this firsthand. The product enhances the protective functions of the skin, improves the structure and relaxes the facial muscles. And all this is due to the molecules’ perforation. The composition and plant extracts-they saturate the skin with vitamins and protect against temperature changes.

Genifique Nutrics Nourishing Youth Activating Cream by Lancome for Unisex

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In winter, due to dry air and temperature changes, the skin needs special care, nutrition, and hydration. When dehydrated, it quickly loses elasticity, fine wrinkles become noticeable, peeling begins. These problems I solve with the help of génifique Nutrics from Lancome-the perfect winter option. It can be used in the morning and evening. 

The consistency is thick, but the cream is instantly absorbed. If you have oily skin, apply it at night during the day can provoke Shine. 

The packaging of Génifique Nutrics says “activator of youth”. However, there are no age restrictions – it is suitable for both the young and the age category.

Cream-mask Prime Renewing Pack, Valmont

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For deep nutrition, we recommend the anti-stress cellular cream mask Prime Renewing Pack from Valmont. It also perfectly nourishes-thanks to mint lactate. Likes those, that after it is leveled tone and pores become imperceptible. Leave on for 10 minutes and then remove the residue with a damp cloth.

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex Ii

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Estée Lauder came up with a very interesting mask format – night oil Advanced Night Repair Mask-In-Oil. It can be used every day, if necessary, and it is possible when the skin needs more recovery and nutrition than usual. Oil with a light delicate texture traditionally smells like the Advanced Night Repair. Apply it should be at night, on the serum. In the morning, the skin will not only be more saturated but also more even tone. Another great thing is that the oil needs just a couple of drops, so it is consumed very slowly and will last for a long time.