TOP 12 most fashionable Pantone colors for winter 2020. Are you ready to be in this trend ?

Winter promises to be bright! Just look at the fashionable palette-juicy, cheerful, bold shades. They are so different: complex and simple, warm and cold, bright and muted. This palette will be reflected the people with a completely different character. In general, the chosen colors give a sense of inner confidence and give freedom to our feelings.

So, to the most interesting. Let’s take a closer look at each color and determine how and with what to wear it:

1. Chili Pepper

The color of passion, prompting to action. Will add to your image piquancy. The sight of a woman in red erases all previous memories. Only red has such a superpower. And do not be afraid to use it at full capacity-there should be a lot of red.

2. Biking Red

Deep “Bicycle red” will not leave anyone indifferent. Real autumn, exciting color. Suitable for owners of light skin. It goes well with dark shades of green and black, as well as with light pastel colors.

3. Crème de Pêche

“Peach cream” – the color of lightness and lightness. The most suitable color for a soaring evening dress or wedding dress this season is autumn-winter. Emphasize your femininity and tenderness.

4. Peach Pink

“Peach pink” will encourage romantic acts and allow you to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Combine this color with other shades of pink, just choose a pair of shades darker or lighter. Also suitable brown, black, gray and white colors.

5. Rocky Road 

The natural beginning of this palette. It symbolizes the reliability and solidity of your nature. This dark brown color will look noble and natural. Create interesting combinations with beige, pink, blue and black shades.

6. Fruit Dove

Bright playful pink-this color will add a cheerful touch in cloudy weather and will definitely appeal to cheerful natures.

7. Sugar Almond

The warm natural shade of brown. Will give your image comfort and tranquility. It goes well with other colors of the palette.

8. Dark Cheddar 

Noble “Dark Cheddar” is an interesting combination of yellow and orange colors. The result is a warm shade with notes of last summer.

The color “Dark Cheddar” looks juicy in combination with dark blue and brown shades.

9. Galaxy Blue

Deep, the galactic blue color is a strict business start for a stylish and bold image. To pair it with other colors from the palette, such as “Dark Cheddar”, “Rocky road” or “ Crème de Pêche”.

10. Bluestone

Fascinating cold color for determined and freedom-loving natures. From him as if breathes cold rocks and gloomy gray autumn sky.

11. Orange Tiger

A little muted color, as if restraining frenzied energy and the desire to win. Clothing color “orange tiger” successfully dilute denim blue option and will approach light gray shades. And also such a bright energetic color is suitable for a sporty image.

12. Eden

A real, deep, natural Eden. Autumn breathe of the forest – that’s what we associate that shade of green. Come up with a delicious combination with other colors of this palette, for example, with “Dark Cheddar” or “Orange tiger”.

The Pantone Color Institute is a world-renowned authority on the color that dictates fashion trends. In this article, we are told what colors the Pantone Institute has named the most fashionable in the autumn and winter season.