Fashion shoes

Professional sources of modern trends — fashion weeks, trend Bureau reports, expert reviews, publications in popular thematic publications and exhibitions of finished products. Relying on them, it is much easier to find fashionable shoes on shop windows.

It is easy to determine whether the Shoe collection corresponds to fashion trends by color. This season there were innovations that up to fashion weeks offered by the Pantone color Institute.

Fashionable color

Today, women don’t want to be shackled by the seasons. Therefore, the color palette of the current and future seasons is not winter or autumn. More like summer. In 2018, the trend paint was not so juicy. On a thing of large volume in a bright shade is difficult to decide. These colors are combined with shoes and accessories and act as the main accent.

In addition to bright, Pantone offers a basic palette. For the winter of 2020, these are neutral shades:

  • deep dark blue;
  • warm red or browned brown;
  • almond;
  • muted grey;
  • tofu.

However, the most important color of the next season, analysts call blue. Manufacturers offer fashionable women’s shoes in different variations: from sky blue to azure tones.

In blue sew and ankle boots, and boots, and shoes. Other analysts call the most important trend yellow fashion shoes autumn 2019, as this time of year is not enough sun.

The shoes of the American company Timberland are close to this tone. They consistently buy the fair sex around the world. The only remark: they are close to mustard yellow. It’s warm.

Another fashionable shade of shoes for the autumn-winter season-light lemon, like the lights of the spotlights. It is new and bold, suitable for young girls.

The next color, which is one of the three main trends of the season, is blue — green. In the stylish collections it migrated in the direction of the emerald. Boots-pipes color of dark moss here will be the ideal solution. They are safe to ” let ” in the wardrobe, and they will successfully decorate an unremarkable gray outfit.

The color, the velvet and the skin is bright purple color and 2020. Even casual shoes in this shade get depth and sophistication. The shade itself is changing, complicated and gives elegance to the usual black shoes in a classic style.

The last palette of the autumn forest is relevant in the cold season – when nature fades, and the colors around fade.

Fashionable color combinations in shoes include:

  • Combination of large blocks in one design.
  • Transitions of contrasting or rainbow colors in a model without stretch marks.

Type of shoes

The above shades are good in all versions, but trendy for the next season are considered to be such types of women’s shoes:

 – rough military boots;

 – cowboy style shoes;

 – hiking or climbing shoes with massive lacing;

 – high sneakers and sneakers with leather lining;

 – hybrid sports shoes;

 – women’s shoes in men’s style;

 – chelsea;

 – shoes in free landing (rubber or resemble rubber);

 – boots-socks with elastic top;

 – boots with a wide top.

The most fashionable forms of Cape – pointed. In second place flaunts the shape of the toe of the square. As for the heels, the trend remains massive heels-blocks focused on convenience. There are flared or trapezoidal. Heels-columns can be round, with corrugated edges and others.

Shoe decor

Finishing heels with contrasting color and metal-a sign that the shoes correspond to fashion trends. Another hit is the colored sole. It can not be called an innovation, but now it is rapidly renewed in the market. The top of these shoes is simple, and the sole is layered or consists of several contrasting colors.

Rubberized noses in heel and sports models used to be considered traditional for ked. Now they protect from dirt and do not allow shoes to deteriorate. For this technique in modern designs are followed multirama and lightning in the Central seam.

The next trend in the decor — fringe, bows and ties. Not the most practical, but thanks to the popularity of the Wild West is in demand.

Sport affects fashion and seeps into any form of shoes. The shows were presented 2019-2020 options sports decor with bright kulisami and metal clasps. Continuing the theme worth noting is the reception with a loop on the heel as an element of expression.

Material for shoes

Every season there are novelties that designers are sure to launch in their collections. And in the autumn-winter season 2019-2020 base is considered smooth skin, reptile skin, doubleface, velour and suede.

Due to the low cost and practicality remain fashionable textiles made of velvet or corduroy, satin or satin. The second material is whimsical and is present in new year’s collections.

Thanks to neoprene and nylon, the appearance of the shoes is very diverse. The materials are easy to care for and moisture resistant. Modern technology works with these tissues in a way that would not work with leather and velour. We are talking about color reproduction, printing and landing shoes on the leg.

The following fashionable materials — metallized. They are able to revive the wardrobe, look expensive and stylish. Especially fashionable is the use of sequins in shoes.

Warm options with texture, interspersed with metal threads and volume rough surfaces are boucle, tweed and felt. Usually they act as a decoration, but in 2020 they will be used as an independent active material.