2020 fashion trends

Sense of style is very important today, because a person is first met by clothes. Fashion trends change periodically. Something new is being introduced. Recently, designers are increasingly using trends that were relevant in the last century. Some changes will also come into force in 2020. The most fashionable designers have already dictated the fashion of the coming year. In the coming year in fashion will be convenience and practicality.But, despite this, the images will still amaze with its originality and beauty.

Many famous fashion houses decided to experiment, and it turned out quite well. Thus, the trend will be the most daring combination. A variety of prints, ethnic motifs and others will continue to be actively used. The chaotic combination of patterns and geometry will mark the year 2020. It should be concluded that in 2020 the trend is incredibly comfortable things, sometimes quite bright, but emphasizing the personality. This year, the designers bet on practicality. The decor will be as functional as possible (laces, zippers, belts, pockets, etc.).

Fashionable color in clothes 2020

WGSN’s trend forecasting service has identified the dominant color for 2020. It was a pastel shade of green, called Neo-mint. It is this menthol flavor will soon dominate the world of fashion and interiors.

According to the forecast, Near Mint is a “new pink” color with ” oxygen-rich fresh tone, combining science and technology with nature.”

The events scheduled for 2020, including the completion of the world’s tallest building in Saudi Arabia and the launch of NASA’s mission to Mars, helped define Neo Mint as the hue “at dawn” of the next decade. The color was chosen by the WGSN team after extensive research, including an assortment of fashion online stores and social networks.

Color trends have the effect of percolation. What is seen on the stands during the Salone del Mobile in Milan or on the catwalks during global fashion weeks may not hit the streets for another couple of years.

In the spring-summer of 2020, menthol will be featured along with a Cassis shade obtained from a mixture of pink and purple tones and along with a melon hue, which is described as a milky muted tone, the so-called soft yellow.

In 2020, there will be no simplicity in the color scheme:

  • The main palette of the year will be dark powdery shades: dull dark turquoise, burnt emerald green, powdery pink, gray-green, cucumber, blue and more.
  • The leader of fashion trends will be a sandy shade, in particular bright yellow. Translucent, cream, coffee, gray-brown, natural, light brown and beige shades will be popular.
  • Also, the trend will be bright and rich wine shades. Among them will not be muted. Designers, working on creation of future collections, used dark cherry, wine, reddish-brown shades.