Women’s Christmas dresses. What to celebrate the Christmas 2020?

What to celebrate the Christmas 2020? What items of clothing and colors to give your preference? I propose to clarify these issues in today’s material.

The color of the year is white. On the one hand – it is purity, perfection, perfection. In another aspect-the ability to apply any pattern and give the background the desired color. Metal will provide powerful support. In Eastern philosophy, this element symbolizes perseverance, determination, inflexible perseverance.

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Fashionable silhouettes – what are they?

It’s time to buy a highlight of women’s wardrobe-a little black dress. You have it and want a more extravagant outfit-choose a style on the verge of chastity and shocking:

– a flying silhouette that outlines the figure in motion;

– a Greek cut; 

-a hollow neckline and an open back; 

-a tight bodice and lush tulle hem.

Narrow straps, deep slits, abundant ruffles, and flounces are undesirable. The silhouette should resemble a cocoon-cozy, comfortable, able to warm and protect.

Power in accessories

Of course, it is impossible to do at Christmas without accessories. But you also need to choose them correctly, so that they are in harmony with the outfit.    

On the recommendation of astrologers, Christmas 2020 is to choose silver, gold or platinum products, and without inserts with precious stones. Give your preference to discreet jewelry miniature sizes.

And if you can not buy jewelry, then make sure that the festive jewelry belonged to the metal colors.

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The texture is of great importance.

Whatever you choose for a party-top, pants, skirt or blouse-for a festive mood can meet the texture of the product. Will look great things made of metallic fabric, with the addition of lurex, sequins or rhinestones.

Another stylish idea – products made of velvet, which always looks luxurious and festive.

An amazing choice can be satin or silk. These fabrics look great in red, Burgundy or black. If you want to create a more delicate image, choose a satin texture in pink, blue, lemon or purple colors. Another idea is a fashionable perforated fabric. The spectacular texture is a worthy solution for a festive image. Of course, do not discount the magnificent feathers and fringe.

What shoes to choose for Christmas?

Here are a few trending designer shoes that will be the main hits of the Christmas season: 

  • Shoes. Pumps color of Bordeaux or chocolate on the hairpin, covered with the same velvet as the main part. The elegance of the model is given by the decor in the form of a black velvet ribbon tied at the ankle in the style of ballet Pointe shoes.

  •  Ankle boots. The model with an open toe and the so-called neckline on the outside of the foot will decorate the legs and give a stylish touch to both long and short dresses. The best performance of this cut will look at the ultra-high hairpin. 

  • Boots. This is the version of shoes that will be equally good as a mega stiletto and on a stable square heel of medium height. Fashion designers have released a whole line of velvet shoes of the simplest cut, differing from each other in color. Rich purple, dark red, camel, pink, cobalt, blue turquoise and even gold velvet can turn any bow into a real holiday. The only decoration of some models served as laces with tassels, wrapped several times around the foot.

We hope that this article was useful to you. Merry Christmas to you!!!