This summer 2019 you must have mule

Mule is the name of shoes without heels. They can be with open or closed toe, heel or flat sole.

Mule has a long history. The name of the style is translated as “thinker”. In ancient times, such shoes were worn by aristocrats, nobles and philosophers. Later, in the Middle ages, muley’s shoes fell in love with aristocrats. A few centuries later, these shoes disappeared from the wardrobes of girls.

Wearing such shoes said that their owner can afford to lead a luxurious and a little lazy lifestyle. For example, mule in those days wore Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour.

Unlike ancient modern mule others. They were red and purple shoes. These two dyes were very valuable at the time.

Now the situation with mule is quite different.  They are:

  • flat-soled;
  • high-heeled;
  • kitten-heel;
  • with a sharp, round or square nose;
  • leather;
  • suede, braided and hundreds of variations.

Mule — universal pair of shoes (what a love). They are suitable for the beach, and even for going to work. It all depends on which model to choose.


  • ease of use (some compare them with home Slippers);
  • showiness and elegance;
  • possibility to combine with different clothes;
  • a wide range of models.

There are different variants of models:

  • summer models with open toe;
  • autumn muesli with closed toe or suede mule;
  • everyday mule on a flat sole;
  • evening mule on a heel or a hairpin;
  • male mule.

Special a sensation at the recent fashion show produced loafers mules Gucci and Mary Katrantzou. Mary Katrantzou collection reminded that such shoes were used to receive important guests. And Gucci mules with fur can be used in all cases. By the way, these cereals are not necessarily combined with warm clothes. They’re good with summer clothes.


Celebrities have long loved the mule. That’s why Dakota Fanning chooses muli without heels. She prefers to wear them with an elongated shirt.

And Selena Gomez even went out in shiny white mules on the red carpet.

Today, these shoes have reached maximum popularity. They are comfortable, practical, original and spectacular. But you should always remember that they attract attention. And learning to combine them with different clothes, you can easily create a stylish image.