Ray-Ban sunglasses and how to choose them?

Ray-Ban is one of the most popular and beloved brands of sunglasses and frames around the world. The range of all known aviators, the wayfarer, clubmaster, glasses, cats, and many others. The brand’s products are highly durable and reliable, and creative limited collections attract attention.

Ray-Ban sunglasses assortment

The range includes various style sunglasses: sports models with narrower frames, square, round, products with a monoline. Cult models include the following:

Aviator. These are the legendary glasses that brought the company popularity. Aviators are presented in the classic “pilot” form with a distinctive double bridge on the bridge of the nose, thin arms and a discreet frame.

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Wayfarer.  Frame Wayfarer in comparison with the aviators thick enough often comes with prints. Individual models are folded in half, as they have a hinge and can be stored in the case in this state.

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Clubmaster. These are glasses in the spirit of the 50s with glass in the form of a rounded rectangle and a combined frame — the upper part and the shackles are thicker than the lower one.

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Also on hearing such varieties as Erica, Justin, Round, Oval, Wayfarer New. Rulers are not limited to any one color direction. You will find glasses with a glass of different colors: yellow, light and dark green, pink, brown, “chameleons”, mirror gradients, and many others. Due to the combination of frames and lenses of different shades, it will not be difficult to choose Ray-Ban Aviator, Wayfarer or Clubmaster glasses for a unique bow.

How to choose Ray-Ban sunglasses?

To correctly determine the size of Ray-Ban sunglasses, pay attention to the table of the most popular models. You will find the size on the glasses themselves on the inside of the left arm. There prescribed lens width, bridge width at the nose bridge and temple length. All indicators are given in millimeters.


Model Lens width Bridge Arm length
Aviator 47/50/54 22/22/18 145/150/150

Wayfarer 2140

47/50/54 22/22/18 145/150/150
Wayfarer New 2132 52/55 18/18 145/145
Clubmaster 3016 49/51 21/21 140/145


You can also use the virtual assistant on the Ray-Ban website — with the help of a web camera, you can try on any available model and check the fit. The brand produces glasses separately for both women and men, but in General, many models are universal. If you are interested in children’s Aviator glasses, then look for Ray-Ban Junior RJ.