Proper face care

How to properly care for the face-an important topic and necessary for every woman. The face is our business card. No matter how we dressed, no matter what hairstyle or laid, always attracts a person, first of all, his face. If it is not well-groomed, looks gray and tired, then no tricks can not hide it.

For the skin of the face you need to take care always, at any age and constantly. This means – every day, and no excuses and indulgences.

Episodic care “on big holidays” will lead to premature aging of the skin. Then you will have to make every effort to somehow support it in a decent way.

The daily facial program is the same for all ages and skin types. You individually select only the cosmetics themselves.

What is the right skin care

When caring for the face, you need to follow only 2 basic rules: the regularity of care and the correct technique of applying caring agents to the skin.

What does the regularity of basic care: it’s like daily brushing your teeth in the morning and evening. Just every day you allocate 3-4 minutes to look after your face after sleep and before going to bed. This is the first and the main step to which you have to accustom yourself.

The second step: learn how to apply the right care products to the face, so that the skin is not stretched and prematurely covered with wrinkles.

Rules for the application of cosmetics

  • Apply the product strictly along the massage lines (from the center of the face in the periphery; use for applying finger pads, easily sliding on the skin without pressing or stretching.
  • The skin around the eyes should be treated particularly gentle. Apply the cream with light patting movements of the ring finger. Moving from the outer corner of the eye to the inner.
  • Taking care of the face, don’t forget about the neck and décolleté. As they are likely to give your age. Apply creams and masks on the neck correctly: from the front — from the bottom up, and on the side of the neck — from the top down.

How to clean the skin:

  •  Before any cosmetic procedure, you need to wash your hands well and take it as a rule: you need to touch the skin only with clean hands.
  • If you use eye makeup, be sure to remove it with a special eye makeup remover. Use a cotton pad soaked in this product: swipe along the lashes and along the upper and lower eyelids.
  • After that, for about 1 minute, apply a little cleansing agent to the skin with circular movements of the fingertips along the massage lines. All the dirt will dissolve, and you wash it thoroughly with water at room temperature.
  • Pat the skin with a towel or cloth, in any case, do not RUB or stretch it.
  • Choose the right cleansers: gels, mousses, cosmetic lotion and a variety of the can and cooked at home. They have a gentle effect, penetrate well into the pores and dissolve the solid particles of cosmetics.
  • In no case do not use soap, it dries and irritates the skin, tightening the pores, prevents their complete purification from dirt. It is necessary to know that soap, being an alkali, violates the pH of the skin, destroying the natural barriers that prevent the reproduction of pathogenic microbes on it.

Useful tips for daily skin care

Usually we wash with simple tap water, it is chlorinated, so contact with the skin should be minimal. It is best to use for washing with well-defended, filtered water, meltwater and structured water works well on the skin.

Use room temperature water for washing, as cold water narrows the pores, which leads to a shortage of nutrition cells, and hot, on the contrary, expands the capillaries and pores and increases salootdelenie.

You can practically do without water, using only a cleanser, but a cotton pad is still worth a little moisten with water or tonic.

In more thorough cleansing in the morning needs young skin (especially combined and oily), as it has an increased secretion of sebum. For dry and normal skin, as well as for sensitive and Mature often thorough cleansing is not required, just enough washing, toning and moisturizing.

Choose the right cosmetics, taking into account the characteristics of your skin.