Make up trends 2019

The current trends of make-up are dictated by trends that originate in fashion shows. The makeup of the new season is based on professional views of makeup artists, combined with minimalism and extravagance. Consider the fashion trends that inherit makeup 2019, as well as visual photos, video collections that help to understand the trends of the next year.

New cosmetics are conservative. In the new season, do not rush to say goodbye to your favorite lipstick and eyebrow shadows. Among the spectacular beauty trends the most natural light notes, harmoniously complementing the female image. Not without bright provocative accents, but this season they are perfect and harmonious.

Among the current trends of the season:

  • chocolate lipstick;
  • smoky eyes in brown shades;
  • wide arrows and accents on freckles;
  • glass Shine and monotony for the face and eyelids;
  • glitter, metallic and blush.

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The simplicity of the makeup and smooth lines take a leading position in fashionable directions. As for the evening makeup, there are relevant glitter, glitter, juicy colors and quite unusual shades for lips – green, purple and blue.

Trends in eye makeup

In the 2019 season, special attention is paid to the eyes: they can be highlighted with clear wide arrows, eyeliner, gradient, and rhinestones. Actual accent fashionable makes — up will be long eyelashes-bunches sticking out in different directions. For maximum effect, you can use the lengthening mascara or eyelash extensions in the cabin.


The new season welcomes two types of shadows: the most natural palette and contrasting extravagant colors-it all depend on the image and style. For those who create a festive evening image, you can use green, blue, gold and silver tones.

Unsurpassed will look purple in combination with a gentle lilac and black. They will suit brown-eyed beauties, but everything will depend on the shade of cargo:

  • for light brown eyes, honey, yellow in combination with noble purple will suit;
  • for dark brown eyes-silver, metallic with bright accents in the form of glitters
  • blue-eyed girls suit beige, olive, bronze and chocolate shadows. You can experiment with lavender, gray, blue shades and their combinations;
  • green eyes, framed by gray, brown, chocolate and Golden shadows, will acquire a special appeal.


Matte soft for everyday wear, giving place to glossy juicy lips. Lipstick, saturated with a radiant Shine, gives volume and moisturizes the skin-this This is another reason to use the recommendations of the stylist.

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Most of the world’s manufacturers produce glossy beauty products in liquid form. The product is applied with a special applicator, gives freshness and almost imperceptibly. Most of them care for the skin, contain useful oils and vitamins, which helps to care for the lips.

Luscious lips

You can accentuate the lips with a bright palette of colors. This year they should be in harmony with the eyes and hair. The main trends include rich Reds, juicy burgundy, cherry tones. The leading place on the catwalks is for pale pink and pastel shades, which allows you to emphasize the naturalness and beauty. It is necessary to mention the blurred contour of the lips, which gives ease and harmony.