Make up lips

Lips-one of accents of female looks, the most sensual, sexual part of faces. Pay attention to the work of professional makeup artists. Lips are always given special attention. And it’s not just about color. Creating the perfect shape and texture, make-up masters take into account many subtleties and beauty-nuances. Let’s get acquainted with the basic rules, following which you will be able to make sexy lips.

How to do lip makeup?

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Make a beautiful and neat lip makeup can even a beginner. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Applying balm on the lips. This will prepare your lip skin for makeup and make it soft and smooth.

Step 2. Remove excess balm from the lips. The product should be allowed to soak and only then to soak the excess. It is recommended to use a paper napkin for this purpose. The cotton pad can leave traces and as a result of lipstick will not apply smoothly.

Step 3. Draw the contours of the lips concealer. In particular, this is required if the shape of the lips is fuzzy.


Step 4. The use of highlighter. To lips seemed more visually processed by the highlighter of the crease of the upper lip.

Step 5. Drawing the contours of the upper lip with a pencil. Softening lip pencil pink hue draw the contour.

Step 6. Drawing the contour of the lower lip with a pencil. Is a line starting from the center of the lower lip? Gradually paint to the corners.


Step 7. Painting the folds of the lips. To facilitate this, it recommends stretching lips in a smile.

Step 8. Applying lipstick to the lips. To increase the volume, it is recommended to use light shades of lipstick, to reduce-dark.