Fashion trends 2020: spring-summer

Even though it is winter, but to know the fashion trends that will be relevant to the onset of heat, you need now. 

Summer is the most long-awaited time for fashionistas. This is exactly the time when you can experiment with images as soon as you want. And for the brightest and hottest of your fantasies, designers offer completely different fashion trends of summer 2020.

And it is to them that we have decided to devote our today’s review.

In the fashionable summer season, both the Maxi length and the mini length will be in fashion. The color scheme will also be the most controversial color and shades. But with such different models, you can make a lot of images for every taste.

White suit

This trend can be called one of the most important. And all thanks to Alexander McQueen, Victoria Beckham, Fashion House Hugo Boss, and other famous representatives of the fashion industry, who brought total-white to their collections.

Maxi skirt

A few seasons ago, Maxi skirts were the main trend and now they have again taken pride of place in the world of fashion trends. Flying Maxi skirts really look very nice in the summer.

Maxi skirts perfectly fit the urban rhythm of life. They can be combined with silk or viscose blouses of a free cut. Adding a belt and a jacket to this image, you can go to work like this.


All different models of jumpsuits will become the most fashionable trends of summer 2020. Designers offer long and short jumpsuits. Their style can also be any you want. It’s from classic with straight trousers to extravagant in army style.

Almost all models of overalls offer to choose from light fabrics with pockets and a free abdominal part. This has its own convenience. You will definitely not be hot in this model.

Dresses and skirts with ruffles

In the summer you always want a little more fun and enthusiasm. And as it is impossible by the way in fashion in the summer of 2020 will be dresses and skirts with ruffles and flounces. Such elements in clothing always give more girlhood, mischief, and flirtation.

Ruffles can be small at the hem of the skirt, in which you’ll look stylish and businesslike. They can also be massive and go in several rows. That will make your image very cute.


How can you imagine the summer season 2020 without shorts? This is probably the most summer clothing of all known. In the summer of 2020, designers offer short or ultra-short models of shorts. A shorter model is available fully fitted. And most likely to wear them in the city dare the most daring, but for a holiday on the beach, they will look better.

Each person has their own character, style and clothing preferences. Today’s fashion does not dictate rules, but works on the side of individual style, providing a limitless number of options and choices.

You should like yourself and feel comfortable and whole in the chosen clothes, even if someone thinks it is not fashionable and bright enough.

Judging is no longer fashionable. You can be yourself and let others be others.